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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three more sets down!

Well, I didn't exactly blitz the pot holders as I had hoped to but I did get three sets made.  As you can see the tomato ones have the great tomato backing.  Still a few more sets to go and then I am done!
 Tomorow is a big day.  The Gumnut Quilters have finally finished our Round Robin Quilt tops!  Phew.  We started in February last year and had expected to be finished in January this year but circumstances were against us so we have run a bit late and now, tomorrow is the big REVEAL day!  

We all started with a 12 1/2" square.  We could choose to do anything we wanted.  This is my square.  The embroidery in the middle was done by my Mum before she passed away.  It was for me to incorporate into anything I wanted and I couldn't think of a better use for it!
 Everyone's square was so different.
 Some really reflected the taste of the owner
Some were a little unexpected 
but they were all lovely in their own way.
 Some were classic.
 Some a little more modern.
 A simple medallion
 Or a piece of stitchery.
 and paper piecing 
 and even a plain square in the most gorgeous red.
Just you wait and see what they all turned into - you will be amazed.  We all were.  None of us have seen our own quilt top since we handed over our twelve inch square so tomorrow will be fun!  I guess that will be tomorrow's post!   Hope you can stand the suspense!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. what a lovely way to use your mum's piece of stitchery,cant wait to see the finished piece.xx

  2. they are all great. love that fabric in those potholders ,

  3. WAITING...... STILL waiting........waiting xx

  4. That is so neat that you included a piece of your mom's stichery, can't wait to see the finished piece!

  5. Take lots of pictures....I can't wait to see. I did this with 4 friends, and we just had our reveal...our next job is to finish them!

  6. Wow! It will be so interesting to see what the finish looks like!!! Love the tomato potholders!!!!

  7. What fun fabrics in your pot holders. Can't wait to see what they turn into.

  8. Love the tomato fabric - that makes a great kitchen pot holder.


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