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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to the 1930's...

The 1930's baby quilt that is!  

I managed to get all my pin wheels sewn today but after I put them up on the design wall I felt there was something not quite right.  I eventually worked out that what I didn't like was one of the yellow and green versions of the pinwheels.

 In the pinwheel in the bottom left the yellow seems to strong for the yellow in the rest of the quilt and it stuck out to me so.......
 I removed those blocks, cut some more and added them in - Mmmmm I am much happier now!
Next I need to trim the pinwheels to make sure they are the same size as the D9P blocks and then sew everything together.  I suspect that might be a job for Sunday.  I like to do that sort of sewing when I can just concentrate on it and not get interrupted.   I might cut all my pieces though so that I am ready to go Sunday morning.

I spent lots of time cutting out today -  red quilt for Aussie Heroes, the extra pinwheels, some scraps turned into squares, trimmed some AHQ BOMs for this month and then I selected the squares for a very simple lap quilt for the quilts we are making for the Women's Refuge in the Gumnuts.

Tomorrow the car goes in for a service and I am not sure how much time I will have to spend getting it there and getting it back  :-(  so any sewing tomorrow will bonus.  Hopefully more than I expect.

Till next time......................happy stitching!


  1. what a cute quilt, I didn't mind the yellow pinwheels but once you removed them it does look a lot better, are you doing the same at the bottom?

  2. I really like your improved version. The other yellow had so much green in it, it appeared to be almost lime green. Those tiny prints can really change the color of the background.
    Here's hoping the car servicing goes quickly!

  3. yes, you do have a lot on the "go"! I agree, the second version looks better. Funny how a small change can make a difference.

  4. Love it! I always love yellow!!!!

  5. thats much better that way . i love that quilt if i give out making grannys i just might do mine like that

  6. I like it very much
    so hppy

  7. It is going to be so cute when it is all finished! It will definitely be well loved.

  8. Very cute! love the colors! they will love it!


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