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Friday, April 27, 2012

A finish.....sort of...

Well it is sort of a finish as I have completed all that I have to do on this quilt and now it gets handed over to Tarja so that she can hand sew the binding.   I cut up leftover fabrics to make a scrap binding, my favourite kind of binding when it works.

 Today I also managed to get the pinwheels and yellow borders sewn on this one too.  I wasn't sure if I like the mixture of the two blocks and if I had to do it over again I would probably do more D9Ps or more pinwheels but this has grown on me so I am going to keep it how it is.  I still need to add a plain yellow border all the way around it and decide on the backing fabric.  
I have a cute puppy dog fabric that I might use - just need to get it out and have a look at it with this and see how the colour is.  I have a really gorgeous almost 1930s puppy dog fabric that I would love to use but it is more of an aqua blue.
 This fabric isn't as cute but it is still cute =- possible  better colour but not as 1930's.
Or I could use some clouds - This is a Daisy Kingdom Fabric.  Would you believe I bought 3m of this fabric at at Daisy Kingdom itself for about $3 when I was on a Country Heritage Tour and visiting DK itself was part of the tour - oh bliss, the prices!
 Another cloud fabric - not Daisy Kingdom but still nice.
Or I may just keep looking! 
Thoughts anyone?

Think I will sleep on it!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. So many great choices and so many decisions but, no worries, I think the quilt will tell you which one to use.

  2. I like either Puppy print. It is hard to tell about the colour, though, but either will look great!

  3. Your quilts look great. I like the pinwheels with the disappearing nine patch. Of course I a parcel to puppies so I agree and say puppies.

  4. Too many decisions to make....but I do love the puppies, both sets.

  5. either of the puppies, but the first one probably matches better.


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