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Sunday, April 8, 2012

More than I thought!

Well, I must say I achieved a good bit more than I expected today after all.  First up this morning I made a pavlova as my nephew from Western Australia is coming for dinner tomorrow night.  He has a conference this week and is arriving in town late tomorrow afternoon.  fabulous!  He hasn't been to Sydney since we brought him over when he was about 12 or 13?  He would be late 20's now and quite a lovely young man!

I managed to spend most of the afternoon sewing and soon whipped up all of the nine patches I needed for this quilt.  It needs to be sewn together and gets a narrow dark border and then it is done.  i actually think the tea towel is a little soft, maybe a little pale, but thankfully the nine patches seem to draw the colours out so I am really pleased and I think this will be a very suitable quilt to hang on an Aussie military wall!    Phew!  I hope I remember to put a rod pocket on it!  I am determined to get the top completed, and the backing pieced and labeled and a rod packet organised so that on the 18th of April, the next AHQ Sewing Day I can get some help layering it!
If I didn't have a bunch of orphan blocks to find homes for and some bundles waiting to be turned into quilts already I would be tempted to make some more nine patches but I don't want to start cutting out new blocks when there are already blocks to sew!

Hubby and I did get some time to ourselves today.  We went out tonight for a yummy dinner and a movie.  We did invite the boys to come with us - they laughed!  Undaunted we left them home and had a good time - we saw "The Best Exotic marigold Hotel"  - Loved it!  Fabulous actors, heart warming characters and gorgeous scenery.  My hubby has been to India probably about 50 times and he said it was pretty true to form which didn't surprise me!  I will always remember him telling me that he was visiting a site for work one day and the locals told him to always make sure he stayed on the path - because of the cobras!

He and I are off to the movies again tomorrow morning - to see ................wait for it..............
The Pirates, band of Misfits!

And yes, I am really looking forward to a good laugh!  

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. You are a movie hound! The quilt looks just great!

  2. The quilt will look great on the wall.
    Hope you have a nice time with your nephew...

  3. great quilt,have fun at the pics.xx

  4. great quilt i think they will love it

  5. It is looking really nice! Love it!

  6. Love the center of your quilt. That is really a GREAT idea. So glad you and hubby got to have some fun.

  7. This is going to be a really neat little quilt!

  8. the quilt looks great! DH & DD went to see Pirates this morning and enjoyed it ! I stayed home listening to Smooth Jazz & sewing...

  9. I think you are absolutely right...the colours in the 9 patches really do bring out the colours in the center. Perfect!


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