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Monday, April 30, 2012

Nearly 500!!!

I think it is time for another giveaway so I am gathering to goodies and getting ready.  When I write my 500th post  I will have another give away!  Standby to receive!

I had a few moments to spare this morning so I managed to sew the top and bottom borders onto the Aussie Animal quilt top.    It is so nice to see it finished!  Well the quilt top at least!
Wow!   The motley effect of the border fabric really stands out in the photo - it is much more subtle in the "flesh"!

AND I also managed to get Row 2 of my boy's quilt for the Women's Refuge.  
And Row 3!  I am really liking this sashing and corner stones.  I have only ever done one quilt like this before and I don't remember liking it this much - as my hubby would say (when speaking to one of the boys) I must be growing up!  Almost half way there.  Four rows to go and then the border.  No idea what that will be but plenty of time to decide and lots of fabric to choose from. 

Someone please remind me that I need to get back to the quilt for the Irish Charity Bazaar after this one!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. The border looks great! really brings out the rosy colors in the quilt.

  2. Wonderful, looks like a big boy's I Spy quilt.

  3. I think they both look great. The red border helps pop the colours!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to "finally 500!"

  5. Hi Jan-Maree

    I just wanted to tell you that you're an inspiration to me! I've only just recently gotten into quilting and "making things" and after seeing some of the amazing things you're creating, I've decided to put some more time into it and make some presents for family and friends in time for Christmas.

    Can I ask how long it took you to make the red one in the first photo?

    I can't get out to the shops at the moment because of a sore hip that I hurt 2 months ago, so I've bought a few supplies from here: http://www.alacraft.com.au/quilting-and-fabrics-cat4 and was happy with the price and quality. Are there any special places you recommend to get quilting supplies? Do you get most of your supplies from places like Spotlight?

    Sally Anne

  6. Jan-Maree, both quilts look wonderful, love how the starry one has turned out and the eye spy is looking great with the yellow sashing and cornerstones.

  7. I love your quilts they remind me of my I Spy Quilts. I would love for you and your friends to come and join me as I just started blogging www.sewcraftykathy.blogspot.com

  8. I am loving seeing the progress of your boys quilt. The quilt at the top is awesome. Girl you are a work horse. It is amazing at how much you get done. I really do need some of your energy. giggles.


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