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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Invaded by teens

I have decided that the collective word of a group of teens should be a CACOPHONY - 
a cacophony of teens
Yep!  that about sums it up.
 But look at those faces.  How could you resist. 
 Not sure Guitar Heroes dog was all that excited by him holding her in with all those bodies!
 I cannot believe how these kids all snuggle up to watch movies
O course half the noise came from my husbands surround sound TV system.  Oh yes!  Of course you need one of those for teen movie afternoons.  

But all in all, the kids were lovely - they ate loads of the food we provided - loved their deserts - enjoyed each other's company and were a credit to their parents.  They are welcome back at my place any time!

Naturally I am a bit pooped tonight.  This is all I have managed.  Two sets of potholders.  At least it is progress of some sort!  I have to say that I really like these hot chilli potholders.   I must buy more striped fabrics.  I just love how effective they are!  
 And some Christmassy ones!  
On Monday some of the Gumnuts are getting together to layer the quilts for the family of five.  We have the three bed quilts for the three children.  I guess I will be quilting on Monday night.  It will be so nice to see them completed and ready to send off.

Till next time...........happy stitching.


  1. what a great get together JaMaree,glad it went well.xx

  2. What a great Mum you arehaving the teens around. Looks like they had fun.
    Love the potholders.

  3. great party-----Oh, to be 16 again. On second thought, 16 wasn't that great.

  4. Love it when the house is full... love it when they all go home and "peace" returns xx lol

  5. love that striped and the hot peppers christmas one was cute to. glad they had a good time

  6. You know that Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This"? It's wonderful that all the kids are so close and bond like that. Maybe it's your wonderful snacks that brings them to your house??!! Hmm . . . yummy1

    I was looking at your lovely quilt on the wall and was wondering if any of the girls have shown an interest in learning how to quilt. You should get them started on some AHQ projects!! I think they'd like it!

    Cute potholders!

  7. Oh, I remember those days with a house full of teens. One of these days it will start all over again as the grand kids near those crazy years.

  8. What a fun day! Looks like the kids enjoyed very minute. Great potholders too, the striped binding is beautiful.

  9. Cute potholders...too pretty to use! I miss the days of the house filled with kids....not even any grandkids for me yet!


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