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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gumnuts again

The Gumnuts meet every two weeks and although today was ANZAC Day the decision was made to have out meeting as usual, for one thing, that made it possible for two of our number who work full time to be able to join us.  I watched the start of the Parade in Sydney City on the TV - sniffling my way through it as usual - before I headed off to Lyndall's house to meet the others.

A few weeks ago I shared a few of Del's blocks from the gorgeous quilt that she is currently working and a few of you asked me to make sure that I showed you the rest of Del's blocks as she completed them.  Well, today at our regular quilt group meeting Del showed me these to photograph for you.   Some of these you have already seen but I didn't think you would mind seeing them again.

 I am crazy about these tiny 3" churn dash blocks!  

 All soooooo cute and so nicely stitched - that is Del's forte!
 Jennie brought along the quilt that the Gumnuts made for a raffle at a special Mother's Day Luncheon in the city.  She has finished doing the binding.
 Just love pinwheels
 This is a quilt that Andrea has made to go on her bed.  I think this is a fabulous pattern - so easy and so effective.  I just love the fractured effect you get if you look down the lines - ir at least that is what I call it.

I love the corners too.
And now for a give away of sorts.  This bunch of flannel comes from Andrea.  She made a really cute flannel quilt for our family of five but that was enough to decide that she doesn't like sewing with flannel.  No one else in our group enjoys it either but there is enough flannel here to make another lap quilt if you like all the colours together and I think enough of the butterfly fabric for backing.  For any Aussies who would like it  just leave a comment or send me an email.  it will be on a first in best dressed basis.  Whoever is first will need to send me a 3 kg pre-paid satchel and I will send it on its way to you.  So, if you can use it and would like all of it for the cost of a satchel just leave a comment.
(Update - this flannel fabric now spoken for.)
Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. never mind seeing the same blocks... and more ... when they are so lovely. Hope the fabrics find a home xx

  2. I love sewing flannel, would love to use them for Tahlia, maybe a little floor quilt?

  3. Forgot, love the eye candy and thank you for the lovely comment on my log post.
    I have finished quilting the Special request Quilt today and hopefully get it in the post Tuesday.
    The Quilts for the family of five have been posted.

  4. Beautiful quilts and love the embroidery. The Gumnuts are at their best again.

  5. Gorgeous stitcheries... wonderful raffle quilt... fantastic quilt for a bed also xxx

  6. The pinwheel quilt looks amazing!

  7. Beautiful stitchery and all of the quilts are so neat, love to see what the Gumnuts are working on!

  8. Wonderful quilt show - they all look so fabulous.

  9. Well all I can say is I would be proud and so happy to be the recipient of any of the quilts above, they're all beautiful and I'm pretty darned sure whomever receives them will be over the moon. Great stitching ladies you have hearts of gold.

    Peg x


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