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Friday, April 13, 2012

layer upon layer upon layer.....

 Way back my friends, Tarja and her lovely daughter Jess (hiding in the corner of this shot) came and started working on two quilts, one for Tarja's Mother and one for her MIL.  The three of us managed to get all the blocks sewn for both quilts and then I sewed both tops together and pieced the backings.  Today it was time to layer them both.  First the mother-in-law's.
 Then the mother's, each a slightly different variation of the disappearing nine patch.  Both Mums live in Finland but never see each other so their similarity is not a problem.  Tarja's mother loves Australian native birds so the fabric was an easy choice.
After those two were pinned and ready Tarja and Jess helped me to layer this quilt which is a special quilt that I am making for Aussie Heroes.  
 This one is going to be a wall hanging.....
 and this one is a surprise for the fellow who requested the wall hanging for the office area.
 And this is the shot that we rarely see!  What goes on behind the quilts that are being held up for photos!
And Jess will kill me!

I am on the lookout for some more Aussie fabrics so if anyone sees any on special, particularly online, please let me know!  I want to have some on hand seeing as they are really useful for the WWQs and so on. 

I am hoping that there is a fair bit of quilting in my weekend but I definitely know there is also some grocery shopping (boring!) and dinner and a movie with hubby (Yay).

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. Tarja,Jess and you sure have sewn up a storm again. Beautiful quilts.
    Love the rear photo of Jess.Cute... LOL

  2. Oh my... you have been busy! What beautiful, beautiful quilts :)

  3. Everyone will be so pleased with their quilts. Love the Aussie bird fabric.

  4. where do you spread it out on all i have is a bed and its hard to get to the middles?

    1. great progress! I have some great Aussie prints...birds...native plants... aborigine designs... all gifts from other people reminding me that I want to GO THERE MYSELF!

  5. You always stay so busy with wonderful projects. Good luck over the weekend... and EnJoY the movie with hubby! :)

  6. Beautiful quilts! I love the wall hanging with the nine patch blocks! Great job . . . as usual!!

  7. Those darn chores always get in the way of having fun!!


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