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Monday, April 23, 2012

All gone.......data and quilts.

100% of our data has been used up so everything is going really slowly.  I am receiving emails on my laptop by using my iphone as a hotspot.  Of course this happens just as we start to get lots of emails requesting quilts on Aussie Heroes!  Ahhhh the curve balls life can throw at you -could be worse so I am not really complaining!

Luckily I uploaded these photos today before the data ran out.  My lovely hubby headed to Canberra for a meeting today and took with him this stylish bag seen here wrapped with duct tape - hee hee - containing all the quilts that the Gumnuts have made for the Family of Five.   He handed them over to Posie so that she can hand them on when the time is right.  That is Posie's cute daughter (one of her four lovely children).
And Christine sent me this photo today of a quilt she quilted for the Family of Five as well.  The top ws donated by my friend Sandy from VIC and i asked Christine to quilt it and she has done a lovely job!  

So neat and I love the bright thread!
That is it for me - definitely no post tomorrow night - too hard to upload photos.  if you don't get any emails from me don't fret.  I will be back Wednesday sometime.  I will have plenty to show you.  I worked on my 1930's baby quilt today and also quilted one of Tarja's quilts.  Will save all the photos for you on Wednesday!  And that is a Gumnuts day as well as being ANZAC Day so plenty to show I am sure.

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. Darn! How frustrating for you! What a lovely delivery!!!!

  2. Wha a good hubby to deliver your quilts. Hope the boys got their homework finished before date ran out.

  3. The quilt is wonderful - I love the quilting design - simple but fantastic.

  4. That was so sweet of your hubby to help deliver your special quilts. We will miss you.

  5. Oh i'm on super slow internet too, argh, please thank David again for his quilt trafficking role for the cause, it was so great to meet him, one stop closer to you, love Posie


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