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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round Robin Finale Part 2

Well, here we are again with the Round Robin Finale Part 2.   I think some of us thought we might never get to this point but we did and really enjoyed seeing all the final quilt tops.

This one is Audrey's.  The colours are soft and gentle, just like Audrey.
Hers is huge - the largest at 90" square.
My contribution was the pink floating squares and yes, they took a while!
Del chose a really cute stitcherie which she copied from a card that started out about 2" square!

I added a border of tumblers - go to love my Accuquilt Go!

We all loved the centre of Andrea's!  How cool is this!
This ended up such a pretty quilt.
I had it easy and added the think dark blue followed by one of my favourite florals and echoed the circle in the middle by using my new drunkard's path templates. 

Cynthia had us all stumped!  What to do with this.  She explained that she wanted something bright, in your face, and something that sort of had an islander feel.
She also said she wanted a single bed sized quilt so when I was my turn I elongated it.
I added the purple panels with the hibiscus flowers on them.  Cynthia was the only one who wasn't there on Wednesday so I hope she likes it.
I love this split border - tiny pieced squares look so good there!
And finally mine.   This ended up being the smallest quilt of all.  The little stitchery in the middle was done by my mum before she passed away.  1930's fabrics just seemed to compliment the colours in the stitching perfectly.
This is the only one that I don't have a good photo of from the day and I also don't have one of me standing in front of it - which is actually quite a good thing if you ask me!  
 Audrey mimicked the flowers that my Mum had embroidered when she did her borders and she also added buttons which I love.  I used to often suggest embellishing some of our group quilts with buttons but noone else likes that idea so I don't suggest it anymore but I am glad they are on my quilt.  I would have loved that as a little girl.
 Glenys did a yellow piano key border and added grandmother's fan cornerstones, another of my favourite blocks.
 Cynthia added more little flowers to match my Mum's.  Just such a lovely thoughtful little touch.
 And you can't beat the tiny yellow squares and the flying geese and pinwheels - two more favourite blocks of mine.
When it is finished, hopefully later this year, this is going on the day bed in my office where there will be no teenage boys eating or drinking anywhere near it!

Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. These quilts are gorgeous! It's amazing how everyone's contribution helped to make the entire quilts so lovely. And it was so nice that your friends added the lovely embroidery to match your Mum's original panel. Just lovely!

  2. I love youor quilt, Jan-Maree and all the little loving touches your ladies worked into it.

  3. It sure is lovely!! I've never done a round robin but always wanted to. Yours is an inspiration!

  4. wow! they are all soo different and sooo wonderful xx

  5. Your quilts turned out beautiful. I am in love with your quilt. It is so speical with your moms stitchry. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun.

  6. These are wonderful. I am going to look at them all closer later too, as there are some good border ideas here! I think our next challenge might be a row quilt....haven't done one of those and think it would be fun.

  7. Ok Jan-Maree......tell me your secret...where do you get the time to do all that you do.......you have great friends that all do beautiful quilts.....you make a whole family their own quilts and you make up and quilt tops for Aussie Hero's........how do you do it all.......by the way the round robins are fantastic.....

  8. What gorgeous quilts and they are all so different. What a great bunch of friends, talented too!

  9. These are such wonderful quilts - they will be constant reminders of friendship!


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