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Monday, April 16, 2012

Still got data......for now

Fair dinkum!!!!   What a day!!!! If it isn't my sons using up all the data  (420GB out of 500GB gone as of a couple of minutes ago) then it is my hubby sending me pictures of his dessert tonight.  Not only am I stuck at home with the two lovely teens but hubby first sent me a text saying he is on an amazing boat, apparently worth $16M, for a sit down dinner.......................really?   And I thought he was an intelligent man.  And then.....
AND THEN!!!!!  
HE SENT ME THIS!!!!!!   
Creme Brulee - my absolute favourite desert!
Now I am really questioning his IQ!   Seriously!
I had baked beans on toast!!!
Of course he doesn't know that I was already having  a BLAH kind of day - cabin fever I decided and retail therapy was the prescription - lucky I didn't know about the boat and the desert then!

First I bought these two mugs/bowls.  They are really a little too big to be mugs but too small to really be used for all deserts.  I love them though.  They are more pink that they look in the photo.
Next I headed off to Country Pickins and grabbed some red and blue - these are for the latest Aussie Heroes BOM
And finally I grabbed some more laundry bag fabric for Aussie Heroes - LOVE THESE DOGS!
AND, just for me, some more napkin fabrics!  Delicious cakes, scrummy donuts, fabulous jun foods, red hot chillis and cabbages!  These will be fun when I sew them up!  
 I hope to be back tomorrow with a special finish and a few other bits and pieces ........as long as the data has not disappeared!

Till next time................happy stitching!!!!!


  1. A bit of retail therapy is often called for - whether we 'need' it or not. Lot's of fun purchases!

  2. Now those are some seriously cute napkin fabrics, shopping is always a good fix for the blahs. Pass the donuts, please.

  3. well done for the shopping... you have to get him back....somehow!! lol x

  4. So sorry you where having a blah day. If anything can cheer you up it is fabric. Love the fabrics you picked. The napkins are going to be yummy.

  5. Sorry you were having a blah day - must have been the day for it. Love those mugs they are so cute

    1. Also I have awarded you the Liebster Award - http://sweetlilpretties.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/some-blogging-love-liebster-award.html

  6. I love creme brulee, and pretty teacups too! xx

  7. Sorry you had one of those days. A bit of creme brûlée would have been just right. Glad you found retail therapy though. Next time you should go out on the boat and leave hubby with toast.


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