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Thursday, March 1, 2012

One became two!!!

Not much Cherry Red sewing today.  I had to help a friend out by making three laundry bags for Aussie Heroes before I could do anything else so I only had a little sewing time tonight.  At least I managed to finish another pot holder to keep the other one company.  One pair down, nine more everyday ones to do and ten pairs of Christmas ones to sew.
These potholders and other things I am planning to sew are all for the International Charity Bazaar Dublin at which all the international embassies in Dublin host a stall.  The proceeds go to Irish Charities.  My girlfriend from back in my Air Force Air Traffic Controller days is leading the committee running it.
That is Glenda on the right.  
Last year the Gumnuts sent over the quilt in this picture and I made heaps of other goodies.
I am going to get the pot holders done and then get stuck into a quilt.  I am thinking nine patch.........maybe....

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. It is progress even if it is just one potholder at a time! I hope you are able to find sewing time for yourself soon.

  2. Never a boring day in Janmaree's life. I was just at Quilting by the River blog and saw her Mile a Minute jelly roll quilt. She cut her own 2 1/2" strips from scraps. I immediately thought of you and the Aussie Hero quilts. Would be a good one for that.

  3. Every time I visit I see another project I would like to add to my growing "someday" list. You truly are a sweetheart to help out charities so much.

    blessings, jilly

  4. lovely post Jan-Maree.xx

  5. you go girl! Geez, nothing like setting yourself a goal!

  6. Great post. I like the potholders. They are so fast and easy. They'll add to the bazaar just like anything else and you can zip together so many in a couple of hours.


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