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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A few more

Well, I didn't think I would get to do any sewing this weekend but I managed a little after all.  these are some more pinwheels for my secret project.  I do love these earthy colours.  
Last night my hubby and I went to see "Love Never Dies".  It was for my husband more than me.  He loved "The Phantom".  We saw it together in Melbourne and I am pretty sure he has seen it in Sydney and London as well.  "Love Never Dies" was certainly a spectacle.  The sets and the costumes were amazing but I have to say that i still prefer the musical classics like "My Fair Lady" and "Mary Poppins".  Even hubby said it wasn't as good as he expected.  We are glad we went but I don't think he will be going multiple times as he did with "The Phantom".

Often my hubby is given "freebies"  - corproate gifts.  Recently he was in the US to buy a large piece of equipment on behalf of his company and he came back with quite a few gifts.  A business card holder, a a really neat spray jacket, a really nice backpack, an umbrella and even a model rocket.  The rocket because my husband is a satellite communications engineer and he works for a satellite communications company.  But back to the gifts - the most novel gift he received was this - 
it came in a nice white box with a smart metallic clasp.
 And inside the box were these - the orange one has a blade on it for scoring orange peel so that you can peel it more easily.  The green one has a serrated edge on it to cut kiwi fruit with and which doubles as a spoon to spoon to scoop out the flesh!  Not sure I would put these in my hand bag and carry them around as the are metal and pretty heavy and I don't eat that many oranges or kiwi fruit when I am out but they are sure cute!
That is all for me for now.

Till next time............happy stitching.


  1. The perks of the job, very interesting.

  2. Exactly what every satellite communications engineer needs!

    Love the pinwheels!

  3. Glad you sort of enjoyed the show.. not seen it ..BUT going to see Phantom May 16 th in Manchester ( East-end cast on tour) cant wait xx

  4. lovely gifts it would be like xmas when hubby comes home with little gifts.xx

  5. Your pin wheels look great. What great gifts.

  6. As a teacher, I'm thrilled when there's a surprise candy bar in my box....imagine if I got those? I'm loving those earthy colors. They really look good together. Your points are looking pretty good, too. Glad to be back! I have some catching up to do. Have a great week.

  7. I might need to find one of those nifty little things for my kiwi fruit loving daughter.


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