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Sunday, March 11, 2012

By George I think I have done it!

Cut out all the pot holders that is!  I had a frantic cutting out session this afternoon in between playing taxi driver again.  Part of me is impatient for them the get their licenses but the other part says what is the point - they have no money for a car and I am not buying them one!  And when they do get a car that is just something else for me to worry about!  But frankly, all this driving is the pits!

Anyway back to something not quite so worrisome - here are the potholders I cut out today.  Each pile is a pair and there are a few duplicates as I knew I was going to love some of these so I wanted some extras which I might keep for me or give away for Christmas.

 I really love the chicken and the egg!  This looks like fun!
 And this mixer fabric really appeals to me.
 Not to mention the red hot chilli peppers - hmmmm, might that be a good name for a band?
Every pile contains the backing, the pieces for the front, a little piece for the hanger and most of them have their bindings however some of them are going to have black and white striped bindings or black and white polka dot bindings and there will be a couple of red and white striped bindings.  I am cutting those tonight.

A couple of days ago I showed you a laundry bag I made from this lovely border fabric that I have had for ages.  I found another use for it tonight.  I have been trying to think of something I could make for a birthday present for someone who has requested and is receiving a gift voucher.  I wanted to include a little something with it and this is what  can up with.  I guess it is a mini laundry bag - a little smaller than half the size of a normal laundry bag.  I think this will be really handy for travelling- for a  couple of pairs of shoes, for all those cables, power adapters, even for dirty laundry.  
 I just need to get some ribbon to thread through and I am thinking blue to match the lining.
Well, that is it for me.  I am really bushed tonight and SO READY for bed.  The teens have been insisting on staying up later these days but I can't keep up so tonight I am off to bed and they can look after themselves.  If they don't go to bed at the right time on their head be it!  I am not the only one who has to wake up early in the morning!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Good for you for getting all that cutting done - you have definitely chosen some really fun fabrics. I love the bag! When I was packing to go to my sister's I was trying to find something to hold my ereader, ipod, etc. and all the required cables. I need to make myself a small bag to contain it all!

  2. That looks lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

  3. boy you have been busy jan-Maree,well done.xx

  4. Wow! Nice job on all the potholders!! I love your little bag - the fabric choices are really pleasing. I have the same polka dotted fabric and I love it. It looks great with your lining which looks awesome with your outside border fabric. I really like your fashion fabric from yesterday's posting also.

  5. You deserve a good night's rest after all that cutting. The boys will probably stay up all night playing computer games anyhow. I love cutting ahead and just having something at the ready to sew when a have a little time. Nice little mini bag for stuff.

  6. i have some of that with mixers on it but its beige and black that i made one out of

  7. Wow you are powering on...love the fabric in the bag very pretty...
    know what you mean about the driving I couldn't wait for both mine to drive..it can be such a time waster at times..but I did get a lot of hand stitching done back then...
    have a good week

  8. Girlee you are a power cutter. I still feel like I need to plug into your energy. The border fabric on the laundry bag is beautiful I just love the colors.


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