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Friday, March 16, 2012

Pot holder Free Zone for 72 hours!

Well you might not be getting sick of seeing nothing but pot holders but I sure am getting sick of not having anything else to show so I have declared this a potholder free zone for 72 hours.  Instead today I got stuck into the two quilts I am making for my girlfriend Tarja.  They are for her mother and mother-in-law, both of whom live in Finland.  They don't actually see each other so Tarja decided that two quilts from similar patterns would be okay and in the January holidays Tarja, daughter Jessica and I had a sewing blitz and made all the blocks for both quilts.  I sewed part of one up a few weeks ago and then had to put them aside to concentrate on Aussie Heroes sewing.  This weekend Hubby and Guitar Hero are away so I decided it was a good time to concentrate on them.

This is the first one.  It is about 54" square.  Just good lap quilt size.
 This is the sort of fabric that really looks better close up so you can see the detail of the birds.  Tarja's Mum love Aussie birds so this fabric choice was a no brainer.
My camera battery is dead so you have to wait till tomorrow night for the reveal of quilt number two which has a slightly different layout.

Last night I reminded you about a family of five who have lost everything, EVERYTHING - can you imagine it - in a house fire.  I told you that the Gumnuts, my quilt group, are going to make three quilts for the kids and Christine is going to quilt a donated top for the parents.  I also suggested that other people might like to donate other small sewn items for the family.  

I have had some lovely responses.   Andrea, a Gumnut, is making a  lap quilt for the littlest girl.    The lovely Joyce has a few things she has made and is planning to sew this weekend if she can.  Rai has gernerously offered to do the same.  Christine, as well as quilting the parents' quilt is also going to donate this lovely lap quilt for the oldest daughter.
If any of you think you also might like to donate some goodies please leave a comment.  I will email you the address to use.  As much as I would like to sticky beak and have a good look at all the goodies first hand it makes more sense for you to post the goodies direct to my friend Posie in Canberra so that she can pass them on without me paying a second lot of postage.

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Love that bird fabric-------and the pattern you used showcases it well. Gumnuts to the rescue, their beautiful quilts will help ease their pain of losing everything.

  2. The bird quilt is looking great. I love disappearing 9 patch... good stuff. Glad people are helping yuou out with the donation quilts. I wish I was closer. or vice versa!

  3. I love your quilt. The birds are so pretty.
    I can not imagine loosing every thing. How are they for cloths. Maybe you can send me some sizes or give me some ideas as what to make

  4. The bird fabric does look lovely! I had never heard the expression 'sticky beak' before and had to read it twice - lol!


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