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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gumuts and Pinwheels

Today the Gumnuts (or the Gummies or Nutters) had our regular meeting and we got stuck into our pin wheel quilt.  I do love this one.  It is so fresh and pretty!  Love it.  It has a really happy feel about it!
Today we got all the pinwheels sewn together and then made the medallion and added it in the middle.  
 Once we had the quilt top together we needed to decide what to do with the border.  Everyone likes the yellow and the thin green...............except me!   So, what do you all think?   Don't worry, we don't take ourselves that seriously that we risk a falling out over the colours or fabrics chosen for borders etc.  But i did laughingly tell the others I would see what you guys think so let's hear it girls!  What do you think?  I think the green is dark enough to need to be balanced with a darker border than the green. 

 And this quilt was made by Jennie for her daughter's wedding present.  Lovely isn't it?  Poor Jennie.  These are not her colours and Andrea and I talked her into the border fabric which we bought at the fabulous Country Pickin's.  I just love it and now I think Jennie does too.
 Mmmm, quite like this pattern - another one on the "got to do that one day" list?

 Irene brought these two tops along.  She has made them for friends who are expecting and they are both so cute!  Two lucky little babies will be snuggling under these! 

 Don't you just love this little picture?  We met at our friend Audrey's house today and she has this gorgeous little painting!  I love it every time I go there so I thought I would share it with you.  Cute huh!
My lovely hubby came home again tonight and he had saved these for me!  Yep, he is a good 'un.  Aren't these floral chocolate gorgeous - ALMOST too pretty to eat..........almost!
Till next time.....................happy stitching!


  1. Wonderful eye candy today! I think I am with you and a green border (similar to the center) would frame it all nicely. The quilt reminds me of citrus or fruity hard candies!

  2. great quilts, love the pinwheel one and the brown and blue one, well like them all!

  3. the quilt makes me think of lots of citrus fruits ...so the dark green is like the lime skin... gives the eye somewhere to "rest"...... loving the pther quilts , and, take your time with all that chocolate xx

  4. that should be OTHER ... although I rather like the sound of "pther" quilts xx lol

  5. My vote is for a small orange/red border (matching the center square) and then a larger green border. The yellow seems to tone down the quilt a bit and I think a green would make it "pop".

  6. If I had my druthers, I'd rather have a darker green border to keep all those pinwheels corralled and balance the center block.


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