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Friday, March 30, 2012


No sewing today - I know SHOCKING right?   First I had to go to Country Pickins to pay for my attendance at the Quilt Retreat!  There is no way I am going to miss it.  All the details are here if you are Sydney based and want to come too.  You absolutely won't regret it!
Then I had to drop in to the local musical instrument store to drop in some cookies and talk to my friend (the owner) about donating some harmonicas for Aussie Heroes this Christmas.   Then a quick pit stop to fuel the car and on to the Post Office and finally coffee with two of the sisterhood, Tarja and Sandy.  A hot chocolate for me, coffee for both of them a share sandwich for Tarja and I for lunch and we managed to solve all the problems of the world.  

Then home again to do errands, answer emails clean up the kitchen - doesn't it ever stay clean? and then my afternoon and evening of taxi driving began.  Take Fly Boy to his music lesson, stop off on the way home to buy hundreds of party pies and mini sausage rolls (well it seemed like it!), some min Easter eggs and some chips - all to feed his horde of teenage friends who are coming over tomorrow afternoon from midday till 6pm to watch a movie marathon of "Pirates of the Caribbean".  Home briefly then out again to take Fly Boy to Youth Group.  Home for a couple of hours to get pavlova into the oven.......I will show you the decorated one tomorrow providing I can get to it before the teenagers
 And then while that cooked I made this - a giant honeycomb log - the easiest and probably the richest desert known to mankind.  Layer upon layer upon layer of Chocolate Ripple Biscuits sandwiched together with whipped cream through which crushed honeycomb has been folded.  You need to make this desert the night before so that the cream can soak in and make the biscuits soft and then you can cut it with a knife like a desert.
And now I am heading out again to collect Fly Boy and a friend, from Youth Group, drop the friend home and then come home and GO TO BED! 

Hopefully some sewing tomorrow - wish me luck!  Maybe after Fly Boy's friends go home!

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. lol,you are in for a big day Jan-Maree.xx

  2. LOL, you are just toooo shocking! Yummy looking honeycomb log....sure wish you lived closer!

  3. yummy !! I used to work with a woman from Australia who always brought Pavlova to special events...miss that!!

  4. Your boys' friends must love being at your house with all that FOOD!!!!!

  5. OK you are forgiven for NOT sewing.....TODAY xx

  6. enjoy those kids while you have them . those years go by fast


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