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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not much to show

Not much at all to show.  I have been out all day with a local quilt group for an AHQ sewing day - the Turramurra Quilters.  A nicer bunch of ladies you couldn't hope to meet.  By the time I got home with takeaway for dinner, ate and got everything cleaned up in the kitchen (the boys had been home alone all day - I think they used just about every bowl in the house and I am not game to ask what for!) I was too tired to do much.

All I managed was a little cutting out - more potholders.
I still need to cut more batting for these but at least with all the cutting done I can just sew at night.  I still need to do a heap more cutting before I have all the pot holders I need prepared so I think I will try and finish that tomorrow.  I need to dig out a few more Christmas fabrics and some food fabrics as I found I didn't have enough variety to work with tonight.
I much prefer to get all the pieces cut out and just be able to sit at the machine and go for it.  What do you think?  

For now, it is time for a good night's sleep.  Sweet dreams everyone.

Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. I agree! I am sewing a quilt that I am doing all strip piecing so I've been organizing the fabric into pais while watching tv and running into the other room to sew on the commercial breaks. It is quite fun and the blocks are much better organized this way and I have exactlythe right pieces and number cut.

  2. Suprising how the ones that don't tidy up the kitchen are the ones that dirty the most dishes. Always works that way!

  3. I'm glad you had a great day with your quilt group.....you probably won't have time to sew today......with all the dishes you'll be washing :)

  4. You really are such a busy girl! I like to have all of my cutting done ahead too.

    I still have one son at home and by golly he leaves such big messes too - drives me crazy!!

  5. so glad you had a good day.. shame it was spoilt when you got home... seems like a lesson on how to clean up after yourself is in order (shh! dont tell my two I used to go in after and re-clean as they never did it "PROPERLY!!") doesnt do them any harm xx

  6. I think you need to boot camp your boys! : )

  7. I remember those days except for me it was glasses.


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