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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not yet pottie over pot holders........

Thanks for all the suggestions re labels guys!  Some great ones there and I will be looking at all of them .....as soon as I get a minute.  Luckily I ordered a 25 pack of label sheets from Printable Fabric the other day so that will keep me going to a while - long enough to decide on another method.

Woo hoo - Aussie Heroes and weekend stuff is keeping me a bit busy but I am determined to get a move on with the potholder quest for the International Charity Bazaar.  These are my latest two.  You can see what I mean about a bit of a lean towards green tones.  I need to pick some more colours.
These are the next six - more green but I will finish these before I cut more.  Tomorrow I need to cut out backings and bindings for these ones.  
 I am going to add borders to these too - aren't they cute?  I think they will make great pot holders.
I will send four to Ireland and keep three as gifts.

Sew a couple a night for a couple of weeks and I should just about have them done - who knows I might even manage to get more done.  The ones that I don't send to Ireland will go in my Christmas gift collection.

As I said, Aussie Heroes is keeping me pretty busy.  We now have a block of the month program - last month we got enough nine patch blocks to make 5 quilts!  We have ten days tomorrow till we can start sending out the first round of quilts for Aussie Heroes!  I had set a goal of twenty quilts for the first mailing but it looks like it will be closer to fifty from quilters all around Australia!  

Yep, I am happy, busy, but happy!

Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. lovely potholders Jan-Maree,those teacup blocks would make great mug rugs.xx

  2. Those teacups are adorable and I like your pinwheels too!

  3. Your cup fabric is soooooo cute, perfect for your potholders. Sitting in front of my sewing machine is my happy place also just haven't had time to get there. Last week we were taking care of our sons 2 dogs while they were out of town. One is a 4 month puppy, it was like having a baby in the house, a very busy baby!

  4. The pinwheels (especially the on with red ric-rac fabric) and the teacups are really cute. It is wonderful to see that you are finding happiness in helping others.

  5. i love those tea cups ones . i have a coffee cup fabric i am thinking of making up like that.

  6. Your pot holders are going to be so cute.


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