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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A sneak peak......

But first - don't you just love this watermelon....fabric!  I can't get over how realistic this looks.  I need more fabric like a whole in the head but I just had to have some of this and now I am trying to think what I could use it for.
 But on to my sneak peak.  I asked some wonderful friends to help me out with a special project and they really came through.  The pin wheels on the right look a little smaller as they have already been trimmed but I am loving the colours.  I have a few more to sew tomorrow night and then..................
...........well you will just have to wait and see!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Pinwheels look great Jan-Maree, but where is the watermelon fabric?

  2. Ahhh, yes the watermelon does look real. It would be a cool picnic cloth.

  3. Watermelon would be great to have here right about now as our temps are so unusually high - 25c expected today! It was so warm last night my husband and son wanted to put the air conditioning on - IN MARCH!!!!!

    Love the pinwheels - so much variety - it is going to look great!

  4. ooooohhh!! Looking good already! Cant wait to see the full project! :)

  5. Great watermelon fabric and like you I came home with more fabric today..
    Love your pinwheels. I can never get the centre right..

  6. Great pinwheels! Love the watermelon fabric - where did you find it?

  7. love the quilt and the watermelon

  8. Your friends did come through, beautiful fall pinwheels.

  9. Wow that fabric looks good enough to eat!! Great pinwheels too!


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