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Monday, March 26, 2012

A little bit of Easter and London Olympics Mascots

I thought today was a good day to do a little bit of early Easter sewing.  I looked at the Easter fabric left over from Tarja's Easter apron and I decided that I better sew it soon or it would be forgotten for another year.  Not happening!  So I pulled it out and started cutting and sewing till I had something that I was pleased with. I ended up with a table runner.
 You can see the fabrics a lot better in this picture.    It is really bright fabric and the darker spot, which looks bright on its own actually calms it down a bit as does the pink and white.
 Of course if you are going to have a table runner you can always use to some matching potholders can't you!
And that was my fun for today!
And now to the London Olympics.  I showed a small toy of one of the Olympic mascots earlier, maybe at the end of last year, when my hubby brought it home for me.  This trip to London he brought home some more mascots for our nieces and nephew.
Seriously!  Have you ever seen uglier mascots?
This one is a water bottle version for my 4 year old niece.  I hope it doesn't give her nightmares!

I think I would rather have cute and cuddly anytime.  Still apparently some pony tailed fellow did some research into what kids wanted for a mascot and cute and cuddly is not in  - Hmmmm - I wonder what kids they surveryed?  Hmmm, worrying if you ask me!

Till next time.......................happy stitching!


  1. Such a fun Easter tablerunner---------who designed that mascot, he is scarey.

  2. that is a little strange. love your table runner

  3. Strange Mascot! Love your Easter Pot Holders

  4. the mascots are realy wiered! My brother was given a couple and has given them to my mother!! Hideous! Its awful to think how much money was involved in their design!!

  5. Cute, cute, cute - the table runner and potholders; not the mascots!!

  6. What a great runner and pot holders! Now the mascots.....ugh!

  7. Table runner, CUTE, pot holders, CUTE too, mascot??? They must have asked a kid with ear-phones listening to music (I use that term loosely) while texting on a cell phone. Give me the cute and cuddly any day!

  8. Those are very strange. I think anything would be better!

  9. Love your runner, I've got some adorable girly fabric that I can't decide how to cut up but this has inspired me, maybe I will make a table runner with it? I've been quilting for years but don't make many table runners (because my table is always covered with fabric yet to be sewn LOL).
    I must admit, those mascots are pretty hideous LMAO

    I found you from blogchicks.com.au


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