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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A quilt built for a boy!

I had to go out to Collaroy today to collect Guitar Hero from the school music camp.  Love the beach but today it was a windy grey day out there.  I stopped long enough to get some picks but it wasn't very pleasant.  There were still people enjoying their time though.  Grandparents were lathering sunscreen on a little boy and girl when I arrived - it was freezing and blowing a gale but they were still heading for the sand.  Bet those kids slept well tonight!

 And I am not sure that I would like to be fishing today either!

 No idea why this flag is there
 People were even out walking all over the rocks.

I didn't have much time today but I did manage to get one job completed.  I finished the quilt top for the ten year old boy in the family of five that we are helping.  This would have to be the simplest quilt top I have ever made but I can just see it sitting on a boy's bed can't you?  I do love that car fabric - thanks Del.  Andrea helped brain storm the design for the quilt - next job layering and quilting.  Better get some batting hadn't I?
I have had offers of lap quilts for all three of the children now which I am pretty pleased about and offers of other bits and pieces too.  Quilters and bloggers are such a kind and giving lot!

And now for bed.

Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. ooh! looks grey and COLD on that beach!! There are always some hardy souls out... smae here no matter the weather there is usually someone there... along with US!! xx

  2. NOT sure what I WAS THINKING ...SMAE ... should read SAME ...all the right letters just NOT the right order xx

  3. Perfect quilt for a young boy, sure he will love snuggling under his very special gift. Brrr, looks cold at the beach.

  4. I know the little boy is just going to love his quilt. What boy does not like cars. Well done.

  5. lovely quilt ,love the cars.xx

  6. I think he will love his quilt!


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