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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Potty about pot holders?

I hope you aren't sick of potholders yet.  Thankfully I am not.  I think I have now down 8 pairs of potholders but I still need to have more variety in the colours.  More potholders tomorrow night, hopefully.  

I hope you will stick around with me while I get ALL the potholders made.  Just to give you some incentive I am planning a giveaway for when I have completed the last pair required for Ireland.  Not sure when that will be!

I chose the fabric for this year's International Charity Bazaar Quilt today - I am thinking simple design of solid nine patches with this patterned fabric in between and maybe the stripe for the binding!  It was really hard to get a picture which didn't deaden to colours.  I think the stripe is a better match in the flesh!
I have to take Fly Boy and a mate to cadets tomorrow night so that they can hand all their gear in as they are both going to resign - fair enough, it is Year 11 and they need to concentrate on their studies - well that is the plan anyway.  my biggest problem with Fly Boy resigning?  I need to find a new nickname for him.  Hmmm, will think on that!

Till next time..........happy stitching!


  1. Fabulous fabric! One less thing for you to have to drive him to but what will he do to fill his time instead? Hopefully, not spend his extra free time driving you around the bend!

  2. do you machine sew your binding? i did one of mine but wasn't happy with the results. but it didn't look right when i hand basted it either

  3. Love the pot holders - your binding is so perfect!

  4. I think Fly Boy works just fine even if he isn't in cadets. I'm old and it's too hard to remember a new name.LOL The potholders are looking good.

  5. It is always fun to see what fabrics you use in your pot holders! I agree with keeping his nickname as Fly Boy!


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