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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here comes another one....

Another busy day!  Up early so that my husband and son can get on the road by 6am (UGH).  Fly Boy was going into the city to meet up with other like minded cadets and staff to go on an overnight hike!  I went back to bed after cooking ravioli for junior's breakfast (Yes, yuck!) and farewelling them.  Gorgeous husband was home by eight and I was up and about and ready to get stuck into my sewing (and the laundry...boring!)  I worked hard all morning to get all the purple and green blocks for my aunt and uncle's quilt sewn into a quilt top.  Then I raced over to the local Quilt Shop to buy batting and by around 3pm I had it layered and pinned.  I was just congratulating myself and starting to think about getting some cooking done when the phone rang - Fly Boy "Hi Mum, we are coming home!"  I shouldn't have been surprised as it has been raining all week.   Gorgeous husband and I raced into the city to collect him, only to sit around and wait for 30 minutes for their train and then wait again while he queued at the slowest ever takeaway restaurant for some food.  Apparently dry two minutes noodles for lunch hadn't been terribly filling - there's a shock  - but food hadn't been his priority when packing and after all, what would I know (only 15 years in the military but apparently I am clueless).

It is so lucky he didn't camp out there tonight as at some point they had to cross some water and also had to endure some heavy rain - the entire contents of his back pack - sleeping bag, change of clothes, were soaked.  Someone please remind me next time to line the backpack with a garbage bag and wrap the sleeping bag in plastic!

Once home and dry again Fly Boy requested to watch a  movie after dinner and sadly (NOT) chose to watch "Alien" which let me off the hook - I do not do horror movies, or gory movies or war movies!  Not negotiable.  So Dad had to be the good parent!  He can't complain - he is the one who bought the Alien DVD into the house in the first place.  Anyway, while they watched the movie I managed to cut out and sew this.......

Sorry, only a sneak peak as I figured to show the whole thing, even thought the recipient doesn't read my blog, would be too much of a giveaway to my other recipients of the recent sneak peak items. 
I can't even show you a photo of the quilt - you will see one tomorrow I promise!
I can show you two really cute pics that my boys would HATE me to show you (but they don't read my blog so they will never know!)
This is Guitar Hero
 And Fly Boy!
Hard to believe they are now two weeks away from turning fifteen and are almost 6ft tall!

Tomorrow we are off to the markets first up to see the lady who had quilted the big green monster for me.  It will be coming home tomorrow and will be wanting it's binding.  As I intend to give it to Fly Boy on his birthday I have two weeks to get the binding sewing on - all 360 inches of it.  This week I also intend to sew the binding on the aunt and uncle's quilt so I am planning a few days in front of the TV this week while the kids are at school.  After the markets, there is some grocery shopping to do and then I hope to completely quilt the aunt and uncle's quilt - must give it a name - "aunt and uncle's quilt" is so unimaginative!

I hope all is well with you all, take care and happy stitching!


  1. I love the pictures of your boys when they were little. Too cute! Ravioli for breakfast??!! Looking forward to the pictures of your quilts. Enjoy the sewing day!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished quilt - the quilt top was so gorgeous! It's amazing how quickly children grow - time just flies by.

  3. Busy day!! But hen I always tell myself that the opposite would be worse!
    Your "sneak peak"intrigues me... Can't wait to see it!

  4. Then....not hen!! Auto spell drives me crazy. :)

  5. Can not wait to see the green monster quilt finished. Children grow up so fast.

  6. Being married to an Italian....ravioli for breakfast sounds great!

  7. Jan-Maree I choose you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award! Please check out my blog post for May 1st.

    I hope you enjoy the award!


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