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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I am not sure what I can show you of what I have been doing!  First I spent time yesterday making mini cup cakes. My neighbour, P, is throwing a baby shower for her daughter in law.  Poor DIL broke her elbow really badly, requiring plates etc, and is quite down so lovely MIL (my neighbour) is throwing a shower.  How sweet is that.  Now P was asking me how I iced some gingerbread cookies that I made her one Christmas and then we started talking about all the other things she is planning to make for the shower and it became obvious to me that she was going to be rushed off her feet.  It is no problem for me to make some mini cup cakes so I volunteered to do that for her!  Yesterday I made a practice batch.  I wanted to check how many the quantity would make and also if the scoop I use would give me the correct size.  If I am making something to give away I am a bit of a perfectionist or at least I like it to be my best work as it reflects on me!  Anyway my boys got to eat some and Guitar Hero chose the sprinkles to go on top- I think they were the first ones he saw.......

Cute huh!
These are the hexagons that I sewed on Wednesday at my quilt group meeting.  You would think that plain homespun would be boring but I am loving the colours.  I am having to force myself to include the dull ones, as are a couple of the other girls.  I am also having to force myself to NOT start another project made from homespun but it is on my list for the future - in a year when I am not still trying to complete UFO's!  These will be sewn in to flower next week while we are away....maybe...

We have been watching movies with the boys during the holidays.  It is about the only thing they will consent to do with us - apart from letting us drive them places they want to go!  I don't watch all the movies - sorry nothing will convince me to watch Saw I,II, and III!  I did, however, watch a "Die Hard" movie the other night and while it was on I managed to cut the backing and pin the the layers of these pot holders together.  These are bound for Ireland and the Irish Charity Bazaar later this year!  They are ready for quilting and binding now.
Tonight we watched another movie "The Taking of Pelham 123" and I worked solidly thru it ......and I can't show you want I did as I was doing some preparation for some hand work to take away with me next week.  I can't show you because it is for the Round Robin Quilts - not the one I have now but one in the future and if I show you the fabric the other girls will be able to work out whose it is for!

I have mentioned a couple of times that my handsome hubby and I are heading away for a couple of days next week.  He starts his new job on the 27th of April and that is the last chance we will get for some time away because he won't get leave in the first year of his job.  We tried to talk the boys (one or both) to come away with us but they both refused (on the grounds that we are boring ...lovely!) so we decided that we would go away without them.  Luckily Fly Boy went off to an Air Force Cadet Camp this morning for a  week so we only had to re-home Guitar Hero.  His best mates' mother (saint that she is!) agreed to have him for two nights and three days so we are set.  Now because Fly Boy is away on a camp I don't like to go too far just in case so we are hedging our bets and heading up to the same area as his camp - sadly this is called the Hunter Valley - Google it and you won't feel sorry for us for long.  Wineries for my husband and quilt shops and novelty shops for me!  Yummy food, cozy accommodation and no kids........bliss!

Tomorrow I make the official cupcakes.  i will try and remember to take a photo as P has delivered some gorgeous sugar toppers for them - booties, buttons, teddies etc.  V cute!
After that I HOPE to be able to do some sewing on my purple and red quilt - after all it will be Scrappy Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and that I will be able to show you!

Till next time,  Happy stitching!


  1. Yum!! Kiki likes cupcakes!!

  2. Jan-Maree, you are such a generous neighbor and friend! I'm so glad you and your husband have this chance to get away without the kids! Enjoy!


  3. Love the names you call all your family-----you must really be a kick Jan Maree. I mean that in a good way---enjoy you little trip with hubby.

  4. Your are so sweet to help your neighbor. The cup cakes look delicous. I think I spy a purple hex?

  5. I hope you and your DH have a lovely restful time on your litte break away.
    Those cupcakes look so sweet you certainly are one busy, talented, special person.
    Happy holiday (((HUGS))) Roz.

  6. Wow! Practice cupcakes!!! You crack me up . . . who has time for PRACTICE cupcakes!! I'll take a dozen, please!! And can I have you for my neighbor??!! Loving the potholders. Enjoy your mini vacation with hubby.


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