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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A finish and some more sneak peaks

One more sleep till my boys go back to school and my husband starts his new job.  Let's just say that the gorgeous husband is a little more enthusiastic which is just as well seeing as he has to get up at 4am to be ready to leave for the airport at 5am.  He has to fly to Melbourne for the rest of this week, come home for the weekend and go back for next week. 

It has been a busy day today but I did manage to get some sewing in.  First my finish.  I have no idea when I started this rag quilt but YAY!!! I finished it today!

This has been thru the washing machine and dryer twice.  I have no idea what inspired me to make a rag quilt using 5 inch squares but DON"T DO IT!!!  Far too many seams to snip!!!!  Now that it is done I love it but unless you have a pair of these don't do it as you will risk hurting your hand!
 And now for a couple more sneak peaks.  I can't show you the whole finished piece as these are gifts so you will have to make do with a peak until they have been received.

That's it - no more hints!  Now, I have about an hour and a half more sewing time and I want to make the most if it.  Quilt group tomorrow and we will be deciding what we will be doing next on our hexagon quilt.  Stay tuned.  Till next time....happy stitching!


  1. I'm intrigued!! Can't wait to see what the finished projects are. Your rag quilt looks perfect for wrapping up in on the couch. Great job!

  2. The rag quilt looks nice and warm and comfy! I really like the blue fabrics in your secret projects.

  3. Your flannel quilt looks so soft, one your could just wrap up in a a cold day. Can't imagine what the surprise gifts are, like the fabric.

  4. I love those rag quilts..and so do my kids! But you are right the clipping is hard work!

  5. You are such a teaser! Love the rag quilt colors! I know they are tedious, but they turn out so huggable! How many times did you have to empty your dryer lint tray?!


  6. I agree with LaDonna and Dianna.....teaser! Love to snuggle under rag quilts but have never made one. My carpel tunnel aches just thinking about it, so I'm leaving it to those with young wrists.

    Hurry and give the gifts so we can see what you've done with that pretty fabric!

  7. I love your rag quilt. I started one oh about 5yrs ago. It is still in the closet. But the fabrics you are teasing us with love love.


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