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Sunday, April 17, 2011

One more sleep

Today I spent some time getting organised to go away tomorrow with my lovely hubby for a short break.  We are set to spend a few hours in the car tomorrow and again on Wednesday on the way home plus, no doubt, while we are travelling from Quilt Shop to Winery and so.  My husband likes to drive and I am happy to oblige so I need something to do in the car!  My first thought was hexagons but in reality you can't always count on the driving conditions being cooperative - ie. not too bumpy or maybe the light wont be great.  So i had a brainwave last night and am going to resurrect another (YET ANOTHER) UFO.  When my boys were babies they had jumpers knitted out of gorgeous yarn that was red, blue and yellow.  I loved it so much that I bought enough to make them both crocheted blankets. 
I have completed 17 of these squares and still have more than ten balls of wool leftover.  I have packed up all the squares and a couple of balls of wool and in the car I can start sewing squares together and maybe crocheting a couple more!  And I have such a handy little pouch to put my needles, scissors and crochet hooks in thanks to Bahama Dawn's Pay It Forward gift to me which I blogged about here.

The rest of my day was spent fiddling about getting packed for tomorrow's departure, tidying up a little, talking to my friend's gorgeous daughter who is house sitting for us (Note - Guitar Hero could not understand why we needed to have the house "sat" till I reminded him that someone needed to look after the dogs and that Maisy may be clever but she hasn't learnt to use the can opener yet - again, apparently, I am not funny!)  Tonight I have been planning what I am going to make for my Pay It Forward recipients.  No hints!  Someone called "Quilt Tops" left me a comment but I have no way of contacting you.  If you would like to be one of the recipients please contact me and leave me your email so I can get on to you.  If not there is still room for two more recipients if anyone is interested.

That is it for me tonight.  I am going to snuggle down in me bed and get a good rest as there are at least three quilt shops in the schedule for tomorrow and I need to be ready for the challenge!  Don't worry .....photos on my return!
Till Thursday......Happy Stitching!


  1. I wish I could work on projects in the car, but I have such motion sickness that there is no way I can do anything! Have fun on your trip!


  2. I am sure Guitar Hero and Fly Boy will get along just fine while you are gone, the dogs will anxiously await your return. We had three boys, we know what bring up boys is all about! Have a good time with hubby and be sure to post about your quilt shop adventures. I love to read or crochet in the car.

  3. Hope you have a good time on your trip. Can't wait to see what you bring back from the quilt stores.

  4. Have FUN!! I, too, am anxious to see your quilt trip purchases. You always make such amazing stuff! Make sure Hubby has a good book to read so you can stay in the quilt shops just a wee bit longer!! Ooh, and maybe he needs some of those yummy chocolate chip cookies you make. That should buy you an extra hour or two!! ENJOY!

  5. Have a Great Trip & I Hope you get to do some Retail Therapy....
    I like to have hands busy in the car too...
    Hope you get lots done..

  6. My hubby is the driver, also. I find that I do a little handwork while we chat and catch up. But, it doesn't take long before I doze off.....sometimes for a good sleep!

    Have fun on your trip!


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