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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back again!

Back home safe and sound!  We had a WONDERFUL time.  Just the two of us  and lots of laughs, great food, lots of laughs, lovely accommodation, lots of laughs, a few quilt shops, lots of laughs, lots of wineries and a few bottles in the car and lastly LOTS of laughs.

I am too tired tonight to blog about all the details of our trip so I have decided to give you an overview and blog the details in future posts.

On day one and three we travelled to and from the Hunter valley stopping along the way to check out some lovely quilt shops. 

We arrived at our destination, Peppers Guest House, in time to unpack and get sorted before heading to the in house restaurant for dinner.  This is the extrance to the reception area.  the guest house was built around 1984 but it looks MUCH older and is furnished with LOTS of lovely vintage pieces.

 Dinner was scrumptious!  This was my desert - called a "Night at the Movies" it included from left to right Sprite Sorbet (that tiny white ball at the top), Popcorn Sorbet (the only part that I wasn't convinced by) the tiny brown blobs are homemade Maltesers, the big brown blob was a melt in the mouth chocolate, Te black blobby cubes were nice but i can't remember their names and the last big hunk of chocolate was honeycomb.  It was yummy!!!
On the first and last days we visited several quilt shops.  My husband is an angel...drops me out the front of them, parks the car and waits patiently as long as I want.  It is probably helped by the fact that he knows I can't stand for long periods because of my knees (I need two knee replacements at some point) so I am not likely to be in the store for more than 20-30 minutes each before my knees get too sore - never mind I have learnt to look fast and discerningly and not linger over things that don't take my fancy!

I still managed to do plenty of damage shopping!
I will show you more in a future blog!

On the second day we managed to fit in lots of wine tastings - well my husband tasted and I drove.  I am not much of  wine drinker these days but my husband really loves to taste it and choose what to buy and that seems only fair.  This was a huge mural in the Hunter Valley Information Centre.  Probably 6 foot by 20 or more....all made out of wood.
We also managed to fit lots of wine boxes in the car
Which my wonderful husband swears are NOT all full boxes.....bet some are though!  I didn't check.
Saw loads of beautiful scenery 

Managed a quick side trip here as well - a few yummy goodies made it into the car for me and for friends for Easter and a couple of other occasions.
We saw loads more beautiful scenery!

And along the way I did a fair bit of this.
Might actually get it finished this year
And when we got home tonight both dogs were pleased to see us - but this one, Maisy,(my little shadow) has decided she better curl up in a ball right at my feet just in case I show the bad taste to go away and leave her again!  Sweet!

She could be curled up on one of two sofas, or on a queen size bed, or on a comfy leather ottoman, or on a snugly daybed or even, heaven forbid on her dog bed.......but no she just wants to be near by! And people wonder why she is my favourite!!!  Ha!!! it is no contest!!!

And don't feel sorry for Snickers - she finds the most comfy position she can and just mellows out.  She is a bit like a cat - humans are fine - if you are in the mood - though she did seem pretty happy to see us home too.

Tomorrow I will give a bit more detail and a few more photos.  Till then, it is bed time for me and hopefully, happy stitching for you!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see what you bought. You have 2 cute pups.

  2. Wonderful photos and description, Jan-Maree! I feel a little refreshed myself after reading your post! Looks like you and your husband made the most out of your trip..so glad for you! Maisy can sure curl up in a tight little ball. Funny how Snickers is a sprawl dog!


  3. What a great trip, sounds like you had a lot of fun....and a lot of laughs !! Not to mention the car full of all kinds of goodies :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your fabric finds!

  5. Welcome back! The scenery looks lovely . . . and the purchases . . . oh my!! Maisy and Snickers are adorable!


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