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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A day of sewing - YAY!

I pretty much went on strike today.  I spent just about all my day at my sewing maching ....but I can only show you a sneak peak, and a tiny one at that, as I worked on my current round robyn surprise quilt for one of my quilt group buddies!

 I am still working on my crocheted rug a little each day and tonight I started a little hand sewing for another of the round robin quilts - can't wait to get my hand on the actual block but I have to wait my turn so I am doing some prep work - how do I know that what I am doing will work with what has been done so far?  Let's just say i am taking a calculated risk but I am pretty confident!

No blog is all that exciting without some photos so I decided to get out and take a few photos of the blooms in my garden.  The first three are grevilleas.  These are Australian natives and the honey eating birds and butterflies love them.  I have been putting lots in the garden and already I am seeing more bird life!  Love it!

 The next two pictures are proteas.  They are native to South Africa I think but they are pretty hardy and I love the blooms.  This one is full of rain drops!
 This one is yet to open.  Still a pretty colour.
 Till next time......Happy stitching!


  1. Very pretty flowers - I don't think I have ever seen them before. Do the blooms last?

  2. The grevilleas look like fancy lacework or threadwork! So delicate looking!


  3. Love, love, love the grevilleas. I'll have to go look those flowers up and see if they can survive in our hot and humid climate. I'm crossing my fingers because I really like them.

  4. Oooh, love these unusual flowers, we don't have these in England. That first one I thought was a trick at first, it looks like it's made from thread!


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