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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

Before I go any further with tonight's post - Happy Easter everyone.  I hope, wherever you are that your Easter is safe and happy and blessed.  

Can you believe that I forgot to open my mail last night!  Luckily I remembered this morning and look what I got!  Firstly my April Swap blocks from Celia.  She and I are doing a private little swap along withe the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and this is what she sent me this month!  She is later than normal as she has just been to South Africa to visit family which is why i am also lucky enough to have a cute little keyring pincushion made by some South African ladies included in my parcel.  Isn't it cute!  I love the stitchery too!

This is what I sent Celia.  I don't think I have shown you before.
 I wasn't happy with the contrast in the red star so I made an extra one - I thought this cat fabric was cute!

I also received this cute little parcel from Bloomerie - a layer cake of Just Wing It and 1yd of 
Not much stitching today!  I have been on duty - sentry duty more or less.  I spent the day here from around 9am till 330pm with a one hour break for lunch.
You will never guess what I was doing........supervising my husband tidying his study.  Doesn't sound like too hard a job?  You must be kidding.  Hoarding is in my husband's genes!!!  You have no idea.  Clutter busting does not come easy to my lovely husband and his office is like the Mt Everest of clutter busting tasks!!!  If I wasn't there he would be getting side tracked with business calls - he had two by 930 and this is a religious public holiday here is OZ! Granted the two fellows who called him are mates as well but business was discussed!  As well as phone calls, he would be checking his email and watching TV.  Not much tidying would get done, just a lot of pile shifting! 

I have to say, in his defence, that I am really impressed that my handsome husband is actually man enough or mature enough or both to recognise his weakness and accept (if not welcome) my assistance in keeping him on track and I think it is a testament to our marriage that we have been able to tidy the ENTIRE house, including our nightmare garage, and still say we love each other at the end of it!

Having said that I had to be tough - and here is why. Apart from the papers and magazines and memorabilia that had to be sorted out we found this-
a brand new printer and set of speakers that came free with his laptop - they are are still in the box and going to a new home tomorrow!  We also found this- 
No, they aren't business cards - they are hotel key cards.  My husband, and lots of business travellers never hand them back in as they have been imprinted with credit card details that are not always erased.  he wants to save them to do something with!  We also dispensed with this!  This little "arrangement" has been here for years (two maybe).  It was set up to dub videos to DVD but the job was never completed (sidetracked by TV, phone and Internet no doubt!)  
I counted at least five old video players.  We unearthed two video cameras - one digital and loads more!  At least now handsome hubby has agreed to send the videos off to be professionally done!  Phew!

we also unearthed at least half a dozen retired mobile phones, a bunch of old non-digital cameras, loads of promotional lanyards from conferences etc, plastic covered name badges and the like and lots and lots of business cards!  At one point my husband was heard to say "I have too many books!" This from a man who has pretty much only requested books or CDs or DVDs for birthday and Christmas for the last ten years!  Ya think!

Countless trips were made to the recycling bin and rubbish bin and there is still more sorting to do but it is much more manageable - I think!  I have a bit more police work to do over the weekend but I think we broke the back of it today!  Hooray! 

It would have been pretty boring sitting there on a kitchen chair for hours but luckily I had something to do - more work on my crochet rug.  Last night I had got this far.
That is five squares by four - about 40inches by 32.  It needs to be bigger and I think I need t make at least another 8 blocks  - got two and a half done today whilst supervising!  Yay!this rug might actually see some snuggling action this winter!  Not bad seeing as I started it when my nearly 15 year old twins were babies!

Now, for the rest of the night I hope to be doing some stuff in my sewing room at last.  Till next time...happy stitching and happy Easter!
Chrysalis Release in Cream Orange by Sanae for Moda.  They also threw in a couple of 5" squares which is always a nice bonus.


  1. Can you please come and supervise my husband to tidy up his half of the closet and the bed in the guest room and the garage and...and...and.....LOL!! Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you too! I was thinking the same thing as Kiera except I need you to supervise me too - I often get sidetracked.

  3. I think men are natural born pack rats, but you gotta' love them. The neat ones are few and far between, but they would probably drive you crazy if you lived with them. I will take my pack rat any day. I have never seen so many key cards!

  4. Happy Easter Jan-Maree. I love all of your goodies. The purple is beautiful. I read to my husband what you where telling us about hotel key cards. You know I never thought of that. It is good that you supervised your hubby that way you see for yourself that he is actually throwing things away and not just rearranging them.


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