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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enough already

Oh man!  I am so over this debate about dumbing down quilting and so on.  I sew what I like.  I choose patterns based on the time I have, the material I have, my mood, and the design.  I choose fabrics, not because I particularly like the designer but because I like the colour, shapes, contrasts and frequently because I like the PRICE!  I machine sew and machine quilt coz I have arthritis in my hands and, quite frankly, I don't want to hand piece and hand quilt - just too many quilts to make to do that - but more power to the girls who do work by hand.  Their work is lovely and I appreciate it.  Make something that is pleasing to my eye and I will love it regardless of how it is made.  I didn't start sewing to keep up with the quilting Joneses - I sew to make gifts for family, for friends, for special reasons, to give back to the community.  I sew coz it gives me pleasure and takes my mind off the less savoury aspects of my life or to satisfy my need to do something creative if I want to stay sane!  If anyone doesn't like my workmanship, my patterns, my choice of fabrics, then I won't burden them with a quilt or bag or whatever.  Feel free to say no thankyou!  I am not going to link to all the other blogs discussing these issues.  I have better things to do.  if you want to follow my blog then I consider that a great honour.  If you pop in every now and then so see what I am up to, that is great too. And if you check me out and what I do and say is not to your taste that is fine too.  My mum always said that if we were all the same the world would be a boring place!  A quilt with no contrast in colour and tone would be boring too.  Different opinions are fine - just be nice, don't push yours and done labour the point.  Another Mum-ism  - if you can't say something nice don't say anything!

Happy stitching!  That is my motto - and that is the point.

By the way my Mum also said that if the whole world was as perfect as she and I it would also be a boring place!  Gotta love my Mum!

Just before I go - to end on a teaser - here is my last sneak peak! 

You will have to wait until all three recipients receive their goodies before I can share with you.  Might be a couple of weeks. 
Till next time........happy stitching!


  1. Just so you know, I adore your blog - and hungrily read each new post as soon as I see a new one has been made. Your pieces are adorable and you shouldn't feel you need to apologise to anyone, dear sweet girl (woman?! *smile*). You are a blessing to those around you and those you touch with your words and pieces! Don't ever let anyone make you believe otherwise!
    God Bless, xo.

  2. Go Girl !! I agree....sew what makes you happy!
    I love those colors in your sneak peek...cant wait to see it!

  3. Well said! I totally agree! And I look forward to checking your blog regularly to see what you have created, I think all your quilts are fantastic!

  4. Good for you,------ we blog to share the things that we enjoy doing. We create because we have to, it is just what we do. To be able to communicate with others that have this burning desire to quilt is a great joy to us. I know my style may not be theirs, but I have come to appreciate everyones individuallity. Keep doing what makes you happy!

  5. I so agree. I quilt to make me happy and the people I quilt for happy. I love your blog and I
    read everyword. You are a very talented and giving person. And you should never change.

  6. Isn't the point that we have so many choices and we should embrace what pleases us and as women support each others efforts. There are enough things out there to discourage us and we shouldn't do it to our sister stitchers because they choose to follow a path different to ours.I have only recently started to follow your blog and I say just be your authentic self as it's always the best version.
    Blessings and happy stitching to you,


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