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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A quick up date

Hooley dooley it has been a busy day!  Husband left for the airport at 5am, first day on new job.  Almost 11pm and I have heard nothing from him all day but a quick email with his new email address and ph numbers,  Guess he is still cloistered with new boss. 

Kids went back to school today  - Hooray!!!  Love school - me not them! 

Did a bit of sewing this morning till it was time to go to Quilt Group.  Managed to finish sewing 16 nine patches for a disappearing nine patch quilt that was going to be for my elderly aunt and uncle who are visiting in a couple of weeks from Perth.  Funny thing is my house cleaners were here and they are two lovely ladies who always love to see what I have been sewing.  One of them picked up the brown nine patches I had been sewing and hugged them and stroked them and told me show loved them and jokingly said "this is my quilt isn't it?"  What can I say!  I got a picture of her face when she opens her Christmas present this year and finds not two potholders but a quilt, so I guess it is going to be her quilt now! 

Had quilt group meeting.  All looked at the hexagons we have been working on
The table cloth background really doesn't help but we are going to surround the centre piece of little hexagons with a dark green border, then some grey, though hopefully not the grey that is there as I think it is too dark, and then add the one inch hexagons.  Next meeting we will sew the one inch hex border together and get organised to start on the next size!  Don't they look surprisingly good with just plain homespun!
Rushed off at the end of QG to drop in at Quilt Shop to pick up more hexagon papers and also collect a hexagon quilt - someones UFO.  Poor unloved thing.

Big two inch hexagons.  There are quite a few that have not been sewn to the big piece and some of them are the burgundy colour.  to me, it is really lacking something - quite bland.  There must be something we can do to jazz it up!  Ideas please ladies - any ideas!  It is almost single bed size!

Rushed home from quilt group to cook a quick dinner for Fly Boy to eat.  Kids walked in at 4pm from school.  Told Fly Boy to get his dinner from the oven and grabbed Guitar Hero and took him to local Green Grocer for job interview - he goes back for a trial go tomorrow afternoon.  Don't see why he wouldn't get it!  His first job.  He is growing up.  Hope he sticks with it!

Home again to make sure Fly Boy was ready and then off to drop him to Cadets.  Home to feed myself and Guitar Hero and then at last a couple of hour's peace.  Guess what I cut and sewed!!!
New disappearing nine patches!  My aunt and uncle will definitely be getting these ones!

I drew the colours for the squares directly from this fabric. 

 I have enough of this for the borders if they are needed and the backing and enough of the green or purple for bindings.  I had bundled these fabrics away a couple of years ago to make a quilt and they were just what I needed!  Phew

and now to bed........till next time...Happy stitching!


  1. You are one busy gal! I really would like someone to clean my house (other than me)! I love that purple/blue flower fabric.

  2. Your cleaning lady is going to be so HAPPY when she receives the quilt. Lucky lady! Isn't it great when someone picks up fabric and loves it like you do!! How about some yellow in the abandoned hexagon quilt to brighten it up some. I'm glad to see that auntie and uncle will still get their quilt. It's going to be beautiful!

  3. Love the colors on both those disappearing nine patches! That is a quilt I never get tired of making, so mnay options there. Happy Sewing!

  4. What a lucky cleaning lady. She is going to be surprised. Love the colors of the new nine patch group. Your aunt and uncle are going to love it.

  5. What lovely colours- in all quilts! I am loving those disappearing nine patches though....I'm going to show my ignorance here and query - What exactly makes it a "disappearing" nine patch quilt? Is it just that the patches of nine squares are directly sewn together rather than combining a border around each block? :)

  6. The solid hexagons got my attention...love it.


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