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Sunday, May 1, 2011

yum.......naughty bird..............and done!

Started out early this morning, headed for the markets to collect my big green monster from the quilter.  The regular routine, when heading to these markets is to stop first and foremost for breakfast. 
 Yummo!  I love these little Dutch delights!  They are the best and the gorgeous couple who sell them are there every month without fail.  I chose Bavarian apple!  Strangely they added ice cream and cream and I am sure I didn't ask for both, but I ate them......just to be polite! 
 The funniest thing happened while I was eating them.  Sitting at the table and chair, minding my own business and whoosh, past went this fellow.  I didn't think much of it.  Kookaburras don't swoop on people like magpies are known to do.  He perched on this branch above me and I took the chance to take his photo.  I couldn't believe it when he turned his head to look at me......and something told me to beware and then ...whoosh...he flew right past me again!   He landed on another branch and then a couple of minutes later came back again.  This time I moved my chair so I could eyeball him and then my husband came back from a stall and he stood by me - I wasn't sharing my Poffertjes with anyone!  Cheeky little thing!  I would love to know if he actually scored any booty all day as he wasn't budging!
 After the markets and our other errands it was home to work on this.  This is the disappearing none patch quilt for my elderly aunt and uncle.  We are seeing them for morning tea on Saturday.  Today I managed to get it all quilted and tonight I finished sewing the binding while watching a movie with Fly Boy and handsome hubby. 

I even managed  to remember to sew the label into the backing!  Yay me!  I am trying to remember to do that on every quilt!  I usually have it pinned before I remember.
It is almost bedtime but first I am going to go to the back room where I store all my bags of scraps and pull out the pink bag.  It is the first of May and the new colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pink!  Time to start thinking about what I am going to sew pink wise next week.  So far...........no idea!

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. Wow - that was a quick finish! I am sure they will love it. I just had pancakes for breakfast - I don't think they were as yummy as your breakfast looked.

  2. I am loving that disappearing quilt for your aunt and uncle! Such beauties you create!!! Enjoy your brainstorming :)

  3. So that is what a Kookaburra looks like. Just like the camp song, what do we yanks know? I wouldn't share one bit with that bird but I bet he gets someones by days end. Auntie and Uncle will love their special quilt. Have to love that DNP pattern.

  4. Here in South Texas, the grackles are the most annoying bird ever! Their voice, their struts, their no-fear attitude, and they're everywhere! At least we have the prettily colored finches, even though they are very persistant in building nests where we don't want them!

    Another beautiful quilt, as usual, Jan-Maree!

  5. Now see, I like the kookaburra story and love the quilt, but I'm dying to know about that beautiful concoction! Are you sure it's a breakfast food? Looks like a fabulous, rich dessert. Please, tell me more! (Even better--ship me one, I'll add the cream and ice cream)

  6. I love Kookie. Very cheeky though. i haven't had those for ages and i could see why you wouldn't want to offend. They looked very yummy. Sure beats porridge!!

  7. The quilt is really sweet. I'm sure they are going to love it..

  8. He certainly was a cheeky little bugger wasn't he? That food looks amazing! You quilt turned out well too!!

  9. My kids would have gotten a kick out of seeing that Kookaburra! But I'm sure my daughter Bea would have "accidentally" dropped something for it to eat:)
    The quilt you made for your aunt and uncle is very pretty. I am sure they will love it!

  10. Maybe the Kookaburra wanted some of your delicous breakfast? Your quilt for your aunt and uncle turned out beautiful.


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