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Sunday, January 29, 2012

What was I thinking!

I spent a bit of time tidying my office/sewing room today and boy does it feel good to NOT look at the messy clutter than had accumulated on some of my shelves!  Unfortunately I located a couple more UFO's  - it doesn't pay to look too closely in my cupboards!  Anyway that reminded me that I was going to show you this UFO!
What was I thinking.  This is "Chanitcleer and Friends".  I bought the pattern YEARS ago - maybe about ten, when I was on a Country heritage QUilt Tour of Oregon, the highlight of which was the Sisters of Oregon Quilt Show.  The tour lasted a week and in those seven days we covered 12 (yes 12) quilt shops.  At one of them I bought this pattern.

 Not long after, while my husband toiled away in the city I took our boys away for a month and stayed in an on-site cabin, beside a lake in a camp ground.  The boys had a great time during the day playing in the playground, swimming in the lake and so on but at night while they slept I needed something to do so I took this pattern along with me and did all the cutting and fusing to make the blocks.  Imagine my delight on arriving in the tiny little town to find a lovely little quilt shop!  It was meant to be.  This was about June July of the year of 911.  Not long after our return home we got news that we would not be staying in the States and would be moving back to Oz with my hubby's job.  Suddenly there were lots of other things to do, rather than quilt, and the blocks, fused and ready got put away.  I should say that at the same time I also prepared all the blocks for this quilt and this has been finished for years and I love it!  It hangs in the kitchen where I can see it every day.
All the blocks are fused and ready.  
 I have even done some of the applique with a smallish satin stitch!
 The problem is that it is a big quilt - 6ft by 8ft and I have nowhere to hang it and it just isn't a snuggle quilt to me.  So, can anybody think of a use for it?  Would anybody like it to finish?  Is there anybody out there who just loves chickens or wants to make a charity quilt for..........their local chicken rescue centre perhaps?  Just let me know!  I would be happy to send it to you!

I just had to show you a pic of Fly Boy and Snickers - poor dog - I actually think she is quite hot but at least she can't say she is neglected!
He is off to school tomorrow and his brother starts the day after - yippee!!!

Till next time...happy stitching!


  1. Imagine a whole quilt of chickens! My #4 daughter and her husband were both bornn in the year of the chicken. That doesn't come up for a while yet...after dragons we have snakes, horses, sheep,and monkeys before hitting the chickens. Does it have to be done by machine?

  2. Oh Jan Maree....don't know how you could give it away!!!! Love the slogan...eat beef....too funny!!! and the chickens are just gorgeous! Love the colours you've used!
    Why not finish it and sell it on ebay...I'm sure you'd find a buyer...it's just too beautiful!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xo

  3. I'd finish it for my mom, but i don't think I could give it to my sister. She's a vegetarian and might not like the line "eat beef"! My mom has a couple backyard chickens and my sister has over 40 and even a few ducks!

  4. I love the chickens but like you would not use it too snuggle under but you could make a few smaller wall hangings or do as Wendy said . Finish it and sell on E-Bay

  5. I'm sure someone out there in blogland would just love to finish this quilt, just not me. Looks pretty labor intensive. I have a block of the month that I needs to find a new loving owner. I signed up, got all 12 months and only partially made the first block.

  6. oh man! what a lot of work! You must be so tickled the boys are going back to school! There is a Staples ad that runs near school start where parents are dancing down the aisles buying school supplies to the tune of "it's the most wonderful time of the year!"

  7. I am sure you could make several smaller wall hangings or quilts...I just FINISHED a small Christmas quilt that a friend had had in her stash for about 10 YEARS!! let me know if on one else jumps in xx

  8. Me, send it to me.

  9. I like the idea of separating the blocks into groups for smaller wallhangings, done by you or by someone else. They're wonderful blocks, full of whimsy. I'm sure someone will appreciate them.

  10. It's fun and whimsical as heck, I agree, but I'll pass. I get my sister's UFO's. She loves to start projects, but that's about as far as the projects get. Hope you find someone. Thanks again for the giveaway. The fabrics are just so cute!

  11. super love the quilt with the houses, I am pinning it to one of my pintrest boards!


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