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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweat Shop Sewing!

I made my girlfriend, Tarja, a quilt for Christmas and she liked it so much she asked if I would make her one to give to her mother.  Off we went to buy the fabric and as I was calculating how much to buy Tarja asked, in that funny voice that kids use when they are trying to ask for something that they know they can't have, could you make one for my Mother in law too!  Poor Tarja.  Her mother in law lives in Finland and Tarja has been buying her lovely warm slippers over the years, including a lovely pair of real sheepskin ugg boots last year.  But this year the Mother in law finally told her that she doesn't like slippers and will probably die before she gets to wear them all  - as I said Poor Tarja!!!  She will kill me for sharing that!  But it goes to the reason why I couldn't say no to her - yes, Tarja of course I will make you two quilts. 
So, today, as it is school holidays and Tarja is not working she and her lovely 15 year old daughter Jessica came over for the afternoon and we got started.  We cut out blocks and then they started sewing while I kept cutting or pinning or cutting some more.
 We had two sewing machines set up at each end of the table - Jess on one and Tarja on the other.
 Before we knew it we had the first of 50 blocks made.  Tarja's mum love aussie birds so this was the perfect fabric!!!
 Jess ironed - here is the documented proof
 and she was a SEWING MACHINE! 
 Tarja sewed and in the end I pinned for Jess and Tarja ironed (she really didn't text all day!) and it was up to both of us to keep up with Jess.   (New quilter in the making!!!)
 Here are the first 25 blocks done.  We laid them out on the floor just to enjoy the colours but these have to be trimmed as we are making a disappearing nine patch quilt.  It will look even better once the cuts have been made.
So, at the end of the day we have 28 completed blocks and all the rest are in differing states of completion.  Tarja and Jess are coming back next Wednesday when I have my regular sewing day just for the morning and we will see how much more we can get done.  In the mean time I will make sure that everything that needs to be cut or pinned in preparation is done and I will also quarter all the nine patches.  Whatever isn't done by lunchtime Wednesday day I will finish off for them but it will be so nice for them to tell Tarja's mother that they worked on most of it themselves!!!

Till next time........happy stitching!


  1. You are a very dear and generous friend!

  2. You girls got a lot done, MIL should love all the Aussie birds. Love DNP, I call it my "go to" quilt pattern, it never dissapoints. No texting, poor girl, how did she survive the day?

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day and that is so sweet of you to do! I see a new quilter in the making!
    Quilting by the River

  4. oh wow! talk about production!!!

  5. what a great time you all had.... I think there should be a quilt with SLIPPERS appliqued on to it !! lol

  6. Its great to see a younger person getting involved in quilting... she can then 'spread the word' with her friends and get more of them interested.

  7. what a lovely thing to do and well done on your joint effort.xx

  8. And no wonder she wanted another quilt... it's gorgeous! :)

  9. Your are a sweet friend. I love the colors of the quilt and how it is turning out. My congrats to Jess as she is becoming a new quilter.

  10. Oh yay for teaching the next generation!! How fantastic, Finland & everything, love Posie

  11. Poor Tarja! I hope that as I get older I don't lose the ability to receive gifts graciously. I know some elderly people become very blunt. How sad. Yes, you are a good friend.


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