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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

This is Jess - she is the gorgeous one but the quilt is too!  Tarja and Jess came over today and we worked hard on the blocks for the two quilts for the two grandmas.  All fifty nine patch blocks were finished today AND as of tonight all fifty have been cut and trimmed into 200 blocks!  Phew!  Before Tarja and Jess left we got one quilt up onto the design wall so they could fiddle with the layout and tonight I took the rows down and numbered them all ready for sewing.
This is all 200 blocks - half ready to sew into rows and half waiting their turn on the design wall.
 Of course Snickers made sure everything was done properly!  As usual!
 And here is a first worth celebrating.  My boys were offered work as laborers with a friend of mine - today they spent 8 hours working together in his backyard, toting really heavy pavers (according to them), weeding and carting clay!  These two kids who spend all their days sitting on their computers!  Aren't they cute!  If you knew my kids you would understand that my two, working together is a big achievement!  I am so proud of them.  I asked them if they enjoyed themselves and Fly Boy said "Nope" but Guitar Hero said "I got paid!!"
 Just in case you can't tell, Guitar Hero's T shirt used to be white!
 And those jeans used to be blue and the boots were black - hee hee!!!  
 And they didn't know that their muscles, all 6ft of them, could hurt that bad either!  Yep!  This job is going to be good for them!!!

I have another sewing day tomorrow - guess they won't give me any trouble - they will be too sore!

Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. lovely post Jan-Maree,what a acheivement for the boys and well done girls on your quilt progress.xx

  2. Oh my, do you ever sleep? Where does all this energy come from? And would you please send some my way!

  3. Hard labor is good for them, it lets them know how important getting a good education is, so they use their brains and not their brawn. They are cuties even when dirty.

  4. Lovely quilt! and good for your boys. Having a job is so important when they are teens!

  5. what a great quilt! good for her! it looks great

  6. HAHA! Boys, don'tcha just love'em?! Didn't have any myself so it's fun watching the antics of yours lol! The quilt is beautiful! TFS :)

  7. That is a lot of D9 blocks cut and ready for sewing... good on your boys too xxx

  8. Guitar Hero has the right atitude !
    And the quilt looks great.

  9. Great post beginning to end! Love those pictures.


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