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Saturday, January 28, 2012

And the winner is............

 Yep, it is that time.......tonight's the night.  Time for me to announce the winner of my Giveaway.  Thanks to everyone for entering but the one and only winner is Mary from  Fleur De Lis Quilts.  Congratulations!  Hope you like the fabrics.  Now all you have to do is email me your address so that I can send the goodies off to you!

I have had an exciting evening tonight!  I have been covering two sets of Year 11 text books and work books for my boys - oh what fun.  A few people have asked me why I was doing it and not my boys doing their own but basically it is a case of self preservation for my sanity.  You see the text books have to last TWO YEARS and I just have to hope the contact will help hold them together!  Also it is harder for the less honest child at school to misappropriate the text books if the name is under the contact plastic!  And the work books survive a lot better if they are covered too and I have to look at them.

I also so had a little spare time to do some sewing but then these two happened.  Look at those faces!
Could they look any more pathetic!!!
I guess they need a bit of attention too.  I can always sew tomorrow!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. those faces say it all!! I have 2 looking at me as I type this...they have already had a walk they just want to go AGAIN!!!!!

  2. Felicitaciones a la afortunada...
    muchas gracias por organizar tan bello sorteo...Un gran abrazo

  3. Congrats to Mary. Oh your fur babies are the cutest. They just want to play momma.

  4. enjoy your day Jan-Maree.xx

  5. Oh Jan-Maree, THANK YOU! They are so beautiful and fun. I can barely wait to play. And kiss the pups for me...they do look pitiful!


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