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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two finishes in spite of the big kid

Guess who got a new toy!  The dogs hate it!  If the buzzing sound of it doesn't alert me to the fact that my lovely hubby is playing with his new toy, then the fact that the two fur babies come running to me to protect them from it is a pretty good clue.  Not that my hubby is scaring them with it - he is too much of a softie to do that - they just don't like the noise.  It is pretty cool though.   My lovely hubby would have loved to be a pilot in the AirForce but he eyesight let him down.  Guess he can make up for it a little with this!  Preferably not in my sewing room though!
 I was determined to get these done today - a painting smock for my little niece, Meghan
 Love those poodles
 And a book bag for her as well
 with cute little lady bugs! 
The book bag is for kindergarten when school starts in February but I am going to fill it with activity books and paper doll books if I can find some - I used to love those when I was a kid!  There are not so many of them around these days.  I will be sending these down to my niece for her birthday.

I have one other belated Christmas present to sew and I hope to get it done tomorrow or Saturday and then I am going to be free to blitz some soldier sewing!  

Well I promised you I would do posts without referring you to my other blog and now I have  - aren't you proud of me!  Hee Hee!

Till next time.......happy stitching!


  1. I can tell you right now that Nikko would have a problem with that toy. Oh, she LOVES toys, even the squeeky ones, but motors ... no way! Cute girly gifts you made.

  2. I know our new puppy lacy would hate that thing flying around too!!
    Your niece is a lucky little girl getting such lovley gifts from her Auntie.

  3. My dog is such a coward too - she is supposed be my "guard dog" but she runs to me for protection! More lovely projects - you are very talented.

  4. Once a boy, always a boy. Imagine he and fly boy are having a great time. Darling smock and bags. Paper Dolls were my toy of choice when growing up. I remember going to town on Saturday and being able to pick out a 10 cent book of paper dolls.

  5. AH! boys and their toys !! Loving yor fabric choices xx

  6. Well hubby's are kids at heart...:) Your niece will love her bag and smock!

  7. OH my goodness that is a cool toy for sure! I love the little goodies for your neice. I bought Disney princess paper dolls just this Christmas! Hopefully you can find some. I loved them as a child.

  8. Your niece is going to just love her painting smock and bag. What a lucky little girl.


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