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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got to love snail mail!

Email is wonderful and immediate but sometimes you just can't beat snail mail.  Look what I received in snail mail yesterday!  My lovely friend Cathy from Blueberry Patch sent me some lovely pieces of vintage sheet goodness coz she knows I am going to make myself a vintage sheet quilt.  Love how soft and pretty these fabrics are!  Thanks so much Cathy!
She also included some labels that she got from a huge stash of fabric she was given from a deceased estate. These are great.  I am sure I will be able to find a good home for them.
Yesterday I took my lovely friend Sandy shopping to buy some fabric to make her a quilt for Christmas this year.  Last year I gave Tarja her quilt and the year before I gave Jacqui her quilt.  Both of these were easy to come up with - Tarja loved the cute bird fabric in hers and Jacqui loves purple and horses.  Purple horse batik - perfect.
So, as it wasn't a surprise that Sandy would be getting a quilt - there are only four of us in the group so it was obvious it was sandy's turn next - I thought I would let her choose her fabric.  Boy, I did not know it would be so hard for a non-quilter to choose.  Poor thing - way too much choice!  Eventually she settled on this lovely print with lovely shades of blue and green on a fresh white background.  Not sure what pattern I am going to use but I have plenty of time to think about it.
Why did I take Sandy shopping so early? For two reasons.  Firstly, Sandy works during the term and it is really hard to pin her down in the school hols as she has lots to do to catch up with her three children and all the household chores.  In the long summer holidays she has a bit more time.  And secondly, by the time Christmas comes around there is no way she will be able to remember what fabric she chose so it will be  a surprise all over again!

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Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. She did choose a gorgeous fabric - so pretty! What a lovely surprise for you - you can't beat snail mail when it comes to receiving goodies!!

  2. Your Vintage Fabrics are Lovely what a Nice Surprise...

  3. Wow! Look at that! They look different in Australia. Upside down or something!!!

  4. Love your vintage sheets. There are really becoming popular. I am also trying to collect them for a quilt. Funny how great minds think alike. (giggles) The mailman is GREAT love surprises.


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