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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Up and running.....

Firstly a finish.  Almost 12 months ago to the day I started this quilt for myself.  My goal is to make four Christmas quilts eventually.  In Australia you don't really need many quilts in summer but it can get cool sometimes and even if the weather is warm it is still nice to have something seasonal on the back of the sofa or draped over an arm chair.  

Today I finally finished the first of my four quilts.  This one is for me.  In spite of lots of interruptions I finally managed to get it quilted yesterday and bound today.

I laid it out on my lounge room floor to enjoy it before going on to some other chores.  When my hubby was ready to come and hold it up for me to take a picture look what I found!

At first Snickers was stretched out totally relaxed. 

 But then when she heard me she rolled over and planted her feet as if to say "No, you can't have it!"  Sorry Snickers!  I need a picture.  Funny dog.
 So, my 2012 sewing is off to a good start.
And I am back to making quilts and laundry bags for our Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan.   At the end of this week I am planning to have a new blog called Aussie Hero Quilts.  Cherry Red Quilter will still continue but the new blog will be designed specifically to encourage other Aussie quilters and quilt groups to get onboard and make quilts for the project.  

I received an email today from a Major in Afghanistan giving me five more soldiers to make quilts for.  Currently my quilt group is committed to making seven quilts for female soldiers in Afghanistan.  In order to make the next five quilts in a timely manner I am wondering if any of my Aussie followers out there would be able to help.  I have already told you about a quilter called Maria has promised some quilt tops for male soldiers in the near future but I need a bit of help getting together two of three quilt tops for girls.  If anyone is interested in helping please email me or leave a comment.  There are all sorts of ways to help and not everything takes a huge time commitment.

Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. you are off to a good start for the new year! Love the new quilt...and it is nice to make one just to keep!

    Great job on the quilts to send to soldiers! sorry I am so far away.

  2. Beautiful quilt and Snickers looks so cute on it! Your quilts for the soldiers are such a wonderful thing to do, I commend you!

  3. good luck with the new blog, Jan-Maree! And the quilt looks super. And your doggie model is awesome too!

  4. snickers is obviously a fan of you work xx

  5. Lovely Quilt! I can see why Snickers doesn't want to give it up! Bless your new blog and you in the New Year!

  6. And away she goes hahaha... great finish and start to the year xxx

  7. Happy New Year Jan-Maree, thrilled you have a quilt for yourself!!
    Look at all the quilted soldier's you are fixing, they are so cold, they'll love them. I just found my husband's first old white laundry bag, no wonder he needed a colourful one he could find, now he's loving yours, thank you so much!! You're the greatest!! Love Posie

  8. Jan-Maree I am so happy you got a quilt for yourself. You deserve it. Your quilt is beautiful just love the fabrics you picked for yourself. Snickers is so sweet I love the pictures of her. Maybe it is time for a quilt for Snickers.
    I wish I lived closer I would be so happy to jump in and help with the quilts for the Aussie soldiers. What ya'll are doing is a WONDERFUL thing. GREAT start to a New Year.

  9. I say it's about time you made something special just for you! Your quilt it lovely and Snickers thinks so too.

  10. Lovely quilt, but will it really be yours, looks like you have competition. I wish you luck with your Aussie Hero Quilts project.


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