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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to sewing today

Yep, I got back into my sewing today.  First I sewed a bunch of additional stars to go with the ones that Celia sent me for Aussie Hero Quilts.  I have two more to do and they are cut out and ready to do.
Next I made a batch of Confetti Cookies (recipe here) except that this time I added a Freckle Chocolate on top for something different - a bit nice really, especially straight out of the oven.
 Then it was minestrone soup for dinner.  YUM!  Super easy and super tasty and lots of vegies for teenage boys!!!
Now a question. I don't want to keep saying "go to Aussie Hero Quilts to see this or that" or you will get fed up.  Shall I just show you when quilts and laundry bags are made or turn up in the mail or will I leave that wholly and solely for AHQ blog and you can go there and check it out if you want to?  You are the ones reading the blog so I would like to know what you think.

I spent the rest of my evening sewing 5" stars for my monthly swap with Celia - but you have to wait till she has them before I show you so I don't spoil the surprise.

Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. How busy were you today.
    Love the stars.
    Yum both the soup and cookies.
    I am happy to go visit the Ausie Hero Quilts blog. Be nice for you to keep them separate form your own storoes.

  2. making my mouth water xx I dont mind visiting the other blog xx

  3. The stars look good.Are you using a ruler to make them ?

  4. Another busy day for you... love the stars xxx

  5. Yum to everything starts, cookies and soup!

  6. Your stars look GREAT. So does your soup. Can smell it all the way over here.

  7. What a wonderful, fulfilling day you had, (npi - no pun intended lol!) I don't mind visiting the other blog, I like that yours is separate. Love that your food pics came out so wonderfully, I have to be careful as my camera and talents tend to make dinners look awful when they're really good! lol! Love the stars and where do I get in line for cookies?! *HUGS*

  8. Maybe you can put a button to click for the other blog. It's fun to see all the stuff you are involved in.

  9. I like stars, cookies and soup looks to me like you had a great day today!


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