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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something arrived in the mail and something going out!

Look what I got in the mail!  Lucky me!!!  So Fun Fabrics are having a closing down sale.  If you want to check it out you better hurry as things are going quickly.  I found out about it in a moment of weakness but what can I say I am only human!  I got myself a fat quarter bundle of "Hoo's in the Forest" by Doohickey Designs for Riley Blake Designs  - just love those little critters!  So cute!
 And also a fat quarter bundle of "Delighted" by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs.  Love those colours.
 I never buy fat quarter bundles but these were on special so I couldn't resist!

Now, are you ready for a giggle?  One of the soldiers that received one of the laundry bags we sent in the first lot sent his thanks and said 

"Thanks heaps for the laundry bag and quilt. I had been using a pillowcase for laundry resulting in an inordinate amount of loose feathers in my bed from a slightly worse for wear pillow. Must admit, I’m tempted to use the laundry bag to cover it. Thanks again, have a great Christmas and New Year."

Well, he won't be needing to use his laundry bag to cover his pillow for too long as I intend to remedy that situation.  I just hope he gets my humour!
He is about to experience a Feather Free Zone!

 I am going to be sending him a new pillow and pillow case.  I cheated and bought the pillow case as I was short of time and still have a bunch of laundry bags to sew but I doubt he will care.  
Wish I could be there to see his face!  Our friendly Warrant Office will just have to tell me about it!

Talking about the Warrant Officer!  The response to my new blog Aussie Hero Quilts has really been wonderful.  So many offers of help and so many wonderful comments.  If you haven't already seen it please pop over and check it out and if you would blog about it I would love it!  Even if you are not an Aussie blogger you probably have a few Aussie followers.  The more Aussies who read it, the wider the word will spread!

Well, I am off to sew laundry bags!
Till next time........happy stitching!


  1. Have you got any Initials, happy to do some laundry bags.

  2. You've got some lovely fabric - I am looking forward to seeing some more projects. I think he will be very happy with his pillowcase!

  3. That is great! I'm sure your hero will enjoy the humor in it as well as enjoying having a pillowcase again!

  4. It was a wonderful project...making such a difference I'm sure. Keep up your great effort! :)

  5. lovely fabric and I love the pillow case!! too funny!


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