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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scrunchies and Pinwheels

It was time today to pack up my little niece's birthday parcel and send it off but not before I made her some scrunchies to wear to her new school the week after next.  I had already made her a paint smock and book bag and bought some paper doll book and activity books to include but today I made the scrunchies.  I used this tutorial and made up three.  My SIL had included one of the purchased ones from the school and asked that the new ones be a little smaller.  I have only made three - I will wait and see what feedback I get.
 This is also going in the parcel.  The hubby of one of the Gumnuts works with a lady whose mother knits these toys for charity.  She does such a beautiful job!!!  And certainly doesn't charge enough.  This one is going along with the other gifts to look after the Scrunchies!  I think he will do a good job!
I spent a lot of time again today (when I wasn't playing taxi driver again) quilting and binding for AHQ so by the time I sat down to do some sewing for me there was no way I wanted to quilt the remaining tumbler place mats.  All I was up for was a little simple sewing so I got a start on some more pin wheels for pot holders for Ireland.  I am going to make a bunch of pinwheels, then I will layer them all - with the off cuts from the Aussie Hero Quilts - and then will bind them all at once.  I got this much done tonight.
 and picked out a few more to sew.
So far these squares have all come out of my scrap square drawers - it is a good way to use them up.  I thought I might make some nine patch blocks as well.  I want to make all the pot holders in pairs so people are encouraged to buy sets.

Till next time....happy stitching!


  1. Looks like you have had a productive weekend. The stuffed toy with scrunchies is adorable, I'm sure it will be a much appreciated gift.

  2. I think your niece will love her scrunchies and her new stuffy!

  3. What a cute stuffy! Are you going to send it with the scrunchies on it LOL! Looks like you busy with lots of fun projects!

  4. what a lovely parcel to send of to your niece

  5. Love the knitted toy and I am sure his new home will love him very much as well xxx


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