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Monday, January 2, 2012

A new baby is born!

Well, a new baby BLOG that is!  Allow me to introduce you to Aussie Hero Quilts, my new blog.  This blog is still going to exist and continue but AHQ is dedicated to encouraging more quilters to sew for our service people. I need to get the word out there so if you agree with what I am doing could you please link to AHQ on your blog.  Even if you are not an Aussie blogger, chances are you have some Aussie followers who might be interested.  All help gratefully received!

I have spent all morning writing posts for AHQ,  all the history of the project and bringing it up to date.  Now I am off to sew - laundry bags for Afghanistan - but at least I don't have to dot my i's and cross my t's and make sure my grammar and facts are correct.  Oi!  The brain needs a rest!

And just because I think posts are boring without a bit of colour - here is a pic of one of my favourite Christmas presents from my hubby!  Yummy sardines!!!
 Ok, well they are chocolate sardines!  and really really yummy chocolate too!
A bit of chocolate and a bit of whimsy and he can't go wrong!

I promise some pics and sewing in my next post.

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. I can't believe....you do so much already! But this is a great idea. I'll add a link on my blog (not lots of traffic, but every bit helps, right?) Chocolate sardines? Hmmm, not a sardine kinda gal, but chocolate is another story--YUM! Happy New Year to you and yours. Mary

  2. Love the sardines in a tin!! made my morning Good luck with the new blog xx

  3. Congratulations for starting a new blog dedicated to your worth while projects for the soldiers. Hope you inspire many more quilters/sewers to join in you project. Many hugs to you.

  4. Love the chocolate sardines and congrats on your new blog!

  5. Forwarded the link to a few friends that have family members who have been or may go again. They are crafters, hopefully it will help


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