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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today was our regular Gumnut Quilters meeting and we all worked really hard.  First we ate Debbie's super yummy lemon and lime syrup cake - sorry no pic - too busy eating!  Then we spent a bit of time planning our charity quilt for a Mother's day Luncheon that is held every year in the city - we are doing pinwheels around a medallion centre- I will share pics when we actually do something.  Then we got stuck into layering the 12 quilts I had readied for Aussie Hero Quilts.  We had enough pins to do 9 or the 12 and then we had to ration the pins for the last three to hold them together enough for me to add pins to once I have quilted some of the others.  Again - no pics - too busy working.

But, I did get a pic of this amazing fabric.  Debbie works at a pre-school centre and the students there painted this fabric.  Debbie is going to turn it into a wall hanging - aren't the colours wonderful.

I am just sorry i didn't take some close ups of some of the details but we all decided that it was too cute to cut up much and the pieces had to be kept as large as possible!
I also grabbed a pic of this - how cute is this!!!  Irene and hubby went shopping at Ikea, then popped into the Mini Dealer and bought a new mini (as you do).  Along with the car Irene was given a gift voucher to the merchandise store and look what she chose!!!!   I loved it!
Tired to smuggle it out in my shopping bag but she found it!  Darn!!!
And just have to finish with a picture of the third cutest dog in the world (after my two of course).  This is Otis!  Is he not the most handsome gentleman!  He is a schnauzer silky/terrier cross  I think - and let me tell you, he has plenty of character!!!
Now I am not normally going to show you Aussie hero Things on this blog but I couldn't resist showing you this laundry bag.  I am not posting this on AHQ just yet as I am not sure if its recipient reads it and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  
 This is for a lovely Major - who just happens to be a quilter and has said she will probably join in the Aussie Hero fun when she gets home!  She just had to have a special laundry bag and I chose the green fabric especially for her!
That is it for me tonight.  I plan to spend all of tomorrow quilting as many of the 12 layered quilts as I can but tomorrow night I am hoping for some me sewing time so hopefully there will be something to show you tomorrow night.

Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. You can have a free bag to...for the cost of a car! The fabric the children made is fabulous - I wouldn't cut it up either.

  2. The children's fabric is awesome!! It's going to make a lovely wall hanging. Cute laundry bag.

  3. The painted fabric is great. That laundry bag will be a great gift for a quilty person. You got a lot done (as usual)!

  4. Otis is ADORABLE! And that fabric the kids painted is just fantastic :)

  5. Just love the fabric the children made. Makes is extra speical to know that little hands made it. The laundry bag is great. What pretty purple fabric. Sorry you got caught trying to sneak a new bag. (giggles)

  6. love the kip painted fabric! How cool!!

  7. The childrens fabric will make a wonderful quilt! I can see why you tried to take that purse.....how neat!


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