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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What to do...

I thought I would show you what I have been collecting all 2011.  Celia and I had our own little swap all 2011 which we more or less aligned with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge .  I sent Celia four 5 inch stars and a hexagon flower and Celia sent me four 5 inch crumb blocks and a little stitchery.

Unfortunately I have put one month's worth of blocks somewhere very careful and not with the others, so the full compliment of blocks is not there but I think the rest look fabulous together - the white background just doesn't do the blocks justice though.
And here are the cute stitcheries.  I think I will put these in a separate quilt and maybe use the stitcheries as centres of some sort of block.  I think these are just gorgeous!
And this is my small collection of star blocks.  This is what I send to Celia and I made  few extras for myself. this year I plan to make more for me as well as making some for Celia.  They are just too cute.
So, now I need some inspiration - how should I use the crumb blocks?

Till next time.........happy stitching!


  1. Are you planing to make three separtate quilts or incorporate all the blocks into one???

  2. I like the idea of showcasing the embroidery blocks in a quilt all of their own - there are wonderful. I also have a bunch of crumb blocks that I will be putting together with sashing. I haven't decided what colour the sashing will be though!

  3. These blocks are awesome! I think they look neat with the white on the design wall ... I also think they might look ridiculously awesome as a giant quilt - embroidery blocks and all, but I can be a bit nutty like that sometimes! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  4. Wow, they look good. You could incorporate the crumb blocks with the star blocks. I'm not thinking yet what to do with mine...

  5. Those stitcheries are just gorgeous and they do deserve their own quilt at some stage... love the crumbs but I don't have any suggestions hahahah xxx

  6. You have three lovely block collections! I think you are correct about the stitcheries making a lovely center for a bigger block, maybe a nice star? Bonnie Hunter has a nice new tutorial that she made from some star blocks with a cute black and white square sashing that would look great with your star blocks. As for the crumbs, why not audition some sashing colors and then take votes? They always say that red makes a nice neutral, and gray gives a nice modern look. What a lovely collection though, however they end up it will be a nice remembrance.

  7. I love all your blocks. Wish I could help but my creative juices are just not flowing. Looks like a fun swap.


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