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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sewing for me Saturday Night!

I have been madly quilting for AHQ today and I am taking the night off to sew for me.  But before I show you what I have sewn I will show you some recent retail therapy.  First up thirtyfive 10 1/2 inch squares in 1930's fabric.  These are for use later in the year but it was a good chance to get them.
 I really love these bunnies!
 And then I ordered a scrap bag of golden sunshine - - yummy yellows.  As it turns out about half of them will be good in guys' quilts
 and the other half are definitely more feminine.
Last last night I started these mini stars.  I left them on the machine so that I finished them before I did anything else this morning.  
 I really love the little details that you can include.
I got a little more done on my tumbler placemats today.  Two quilted, two to go.
And I made a trial pinwheel block too.  I have to make pot holders and other bits for the Irish Charity Bazaar this year for the last time.  My friend who runs the Australian Embassy Stall, Glenda, and I decided that we need lots of Christmassy stuff.  This is my first pinwheel.  Now that I have made it I have decided that I like the size so I will make more the same.  In the next few days I will try to get a bunch cut out so that they are ready to sew when I have time.  I might do some star blocks as well.  

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Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. fun fabric! I have some of the 30s fabrics too! We are twins!

  2. Nice retail therapy, I don't think I have seen you sew with 30's fabric before. Your pinwheel turn out perfect in the center, it can be a problem for me.

  3. Loving shopping.
    You sure do keep very busy with your sewing.

  4. love ALL the yellow fabrics...I have a love of yellow...I think it is because we dont have too much sunshine ... and I crave it in any way I can get it xx

  5. What a lovely day of sewing. Those 1930s prints are just adorable. So many cute projects they could turn into!

  6. Gotta love retail therapy! Is that little quote "I'll get you yet" directed at your boys? Ha ha!!


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