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Monday, December 19, 2011

6 sleeps to go......

Let me see - today I played taxi driver for my son, bought groceries, filled a script, posted the latest laundry bag to Afghanistan and posted the parcel off to my Blog Hop Party Give Away winner, bought a big folding table for our Christmas party, organised the meat for Christmas, our Boxing Day Party and a special dinner we are having with friends on Thursday, was visited by one of the lovely girls from Quilt Group and I made shortbread, and more shortbread and even more shortbread.   Yep!  I don't do bored well!  

I even managed to get some pics of some of my favourite Christmas things.  This Christmas stocking was made for me by a friend - all hand embroidered!!!  How lovely is that.  So much work!
 These are the two I made for my boys when they were a lot littler and still believed in You Know Who!
 And you might remember my Christmas Quilt from the Quilt Retreat I went on last year.  It was up in the local quilt shop but I have reclaimed it for Christmas.  It has replaced the mermaid quilt just for Christmas.
 The hanging arrangement isn't the best but it was done in a hurry whilst help was available.  Next year I will do better and will probably even add to this collection.  I have a lovely stitched mini quilt that a friend made but I have put it somewhere very safe.......grrr.
 I love all these wall hangings for various sentimental reasons.  This tree is special as my mum embroidered the tree - she did four or five of them and I finished them off - each one was different depending on who it was for.
 Mum also embroidered this panel too - cute!
 And you just got to love the toad!  I did another of these for a cousin who loves frogs.
 And this is my gorgeous kris kringle gift
 I didn't  get to my machine today but I was determined to make some progress on something - I managed to cut out the pieces for three more star blocks for oue soldier girl quilts - seven more to cut
 and I also cut the pieces for a modified disappearing nine patch quilt for our horse loving soldier girl.  Need more fabric for this one which I hope to get tomorrow.
More errands and cutting out and so on tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for the eye candy...you have lot's of wonderful treasures!

  2. Yes you do have lots of beautiful Christms thing that have been lovingly made.
    I hope to have a lot more to put on my walls next year.
    Bored, what's bored!!! I want more hours in each day.

  3. Loving all your Christmassy stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. You have a wonderful collection of xmas wall hangings and all so different and such special ones from your Mum xxx

  5. what a busy lady you are,love all your xmas decorations.xx

  6. Super festive!! Congratulations on the Donna Hay giveaway in on my blog!! Love Posie


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