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Friday, December 23, 2011

Two sleeps to go and just in the ST NICK of TIME

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning.  Six weeks after we posted off the original 49 boxes to Afghanistan it looks like the last of those boxes have arrived and, as luck would have it, they are just in the ST NICK of time for Christmas!

That means that six other soldiers received quilts and Christmas boxes which would have been out of the blue for them.  Our friendly Warrant Officer must have felt like Santa handing them over - bet he didn't wear the Santa hat I sent him!  Also the special Christmas box that we girls packed up for our lone female soldier turned up as well.  

This morning that makes me a very happy chappie! 

I also received word that another friend finally received a gift I sent her - I couldn't understand why it had taken so long but she sent me a photo and it looks like "something" nibbled at the side of the package (maybe a bear or a beaver - she lives in that territory - lucky girl!) and that would be why it took a little longer to get to her.  Luckily though it appears that nothing is missing so another happy dance!  I love sending surprises.


My husband had to go to the Post Office to collect a book he had ordered and came home with a surprise for me!!!  Two of my lovely bloggie friends,  Donna  and Joyce, were in a Santa sack swap this year and they used to meet up to swap gifts and I have to admit to being a teeny tiny bit jealous......ok I admit it I was Green with envy!  Well, those two lovely ladies decided to send a little something my way - how lovely and generous!!!  Look what arrived today!!!
 My lovely hubby could hear the pacel tinkling and he was a bit concerned that something was broken but not so......it was these gorgeous bells!
 And then there were these!  The red and white spots from Joyce and the white parcel from Donna.
 This beautiful sparkly snowflake from Donna - the photo just doesn't do it justice!
 And the hugest bag of Star Brights!!!  You can't get these here and they just scream Christmas to me!  And a lovely magazine  - lots of lovely things in there to think about for next year.
 And from Joyce these lovely buttons - everyone knows I am rather partial to buttons!
 and this gorgeous quilted apron, matching potholder two of Joyce's fabulous woven coasters. 
  I think these coasters (not these exact ones of course) are some of the first things I remember seeing on Joyce's blog!!  Love them!

So, there you go - two sleeps to go and I have had a lovely day from start to finish!  Thank you so much, Donna and Joyce, Australia Post and everyone else who has shown some Christmas Spirit!  
Two sleeps and one day to go to Christmas - Enjoy everyone!

Till next time...........happy stitching!!


  1. Glad to hear all the packages arrived safely!! That will make for a very special Christmas for many of them.
    And what a fun package for you! I love those little woven coasters!

  2. Really fantastic news about the soldier quilts arriving in time. Maybe you will get a picture of the WO with his Santa hat on! You did have a great day full of wonderful surprises and good news. Thank you again Jan-Maree - I love my surprise too!

  3. How great the quilts arrived in time for Christmas.

    Sew nice of your blogging buddies to have spoilt you. Beautiful gifts.

  4. looks as if your Christmas is off to a wonderful start xx hope there are lots of projects to keep you happy in the New Year xx

  5. Wonderful to hear all the boxes are now delivered in time... what an awesome parcel to receive lucky you JM you deserve it xxx

  6. Jan-Maree I am so glad the soldiers got there packages. So glad you got your packaged before Christmas.


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