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Monday, December 5, 2011

Not one stitch!!!

What did I do today?  I'll tell you - no sewing.  First up a quick stop at the hardware store to buy power boards and timers to switch the Christmas trees on and off automatically to save me having to contort myself to reach the power points behind the trees each day.  Next I headed to school for an end of year assembly at which Fly Boy received a pennant for participation in one of the school's concert bands.

More errands and then home to wrap.  Today and tomorrow are my last days with the boys at school - after that it is going to be too hard to get privacy to wrap.  this doesn't look like much but it took me hours and my hands didn't like it much!  I have wrapped all the presents for the boys, my gorgeous husband and all the extended family.

Next I ducked down to the local shops to get a few blocks of chocolate to go with some gift vouchers and then back to wrap them.  My husband is heading down to Melbourne on Wednesday and will be seeing his sister and hopefully some of his other family as well and I want him to carry as many of their gifts as I can organize.

After dinner I made this - a pavlova - it is still in the oven - it has to stay there till it is cold which means overnight this time.  This is for a Christmas lunch on Wednesday with my quilt group.  It will be topped with cream, raspberries and chopped peaches.
I finally managed to get a photo of one of the trees with the lights on - took me a while to work out how to get a photo showing the lights.  Still needs a tree skirt though!
No work on my tree skirt today or tonight but that is okay (she said grudgingly!).  Presents are wrapped and trees are lit with timers.  More jobs tomorrow - third tree to decorate and lots of baking to do.    And boys have haircuts tomorrow!  Guitar Hero is having a big day!  He has decided that he wants a short haircut. WooHoo!!!!  Hopefully I will get a photo to show you but i know he is going to look SO CUTE!!!  Stand back girls!

Till next time......................happy stitching!


  1. Wow, your tree is amazing. You may not have sewn a stitch, but you sure got a lot done.

  2. Jan-Maree you are such a busy girl with many irons in the fire. You really must not rest!

  3. Your tree is beautiful. What a good idea to get timers. Love all your beautiful lights.

  4. You are such a busy lady! Love your wrapping paper

    Go idea about the timers - I might have to get some so I don't have to climb around the tree!

  5. Well maybe no sewing got done but OMG did you do plenty of other things for the day xxx

  6. Your tree is so beautiful and timers are the best way to go! Can't wait to see Guitar Hero's haircut....maybe I'll show it to my grandson...hint, hint for haircut.

  7. I'm so jealous! Still haven't begun the Christmas preps....and I have to work through Dec. 23 so there won't be time to accomplish any last minute things. I even missed my guild Christmas party today. :-( Love that tree and the colors. You have such a knack for color. Hmm, another reason to be jealous.

  8. What fun! I can catch the holiday mood by just reading your posts. I agree with the timer trick.. Sure beats crawling into corners.


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